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learn Linux

Introduction To Linux OS: A Beginner’s Guide

This blog series documents my journey from Windows to Linux. In the process of switching to Linux Mint, and Ubuntu, I learned many things along the way. I hope my experiences...
reddit cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency: The Utmost Popular and Highest Mentioned on Reddit in 2022

Cryptocurrency is defined as a digital payment system which does not rely on any of the banks to validate transactions. The Reddit is a special social news accumulation, web content ranking,...
Unmanaged vs Managed Switches

Is Switching From Unmanaged vs Managed Switches Necessary. Know Why?

What are Managed & Unmanaged Switches:  Do you know what a managed switch, UTP cable or port is? Local area Ethernet networks use varied hardware, including switches. These devices receive and transmit...
contactless payments

Pros to Make Contactless Payments a Reality in Your Restaurant Business!

It was somewhere around the year 2007 when contactless payments systems were launched. Since it has been reviewed as one of the best alternatives for payments in the USA. More restaurant customers want...
best seo tools

Best SEO Tools to Help Increase Your Search Traffic

With the world being dominated by COVID-19 everything else has just halted. People’s life has taken a pause for the moment, and frustration is building day by day. But what’s affected the...
Pigment Green 7

What Pigment Green 7 Absorbs Sunlight For Photosynthesis?

Pigment Green 7 Used In Leaves. A wide variety of Pigment Green 7 are used by different plant species in photosynthesis. Some common pigment examples include carotenoids, flavonoids, chlorophylls and phycobilins. Specific...
Facebook watch history

How to Clear Facebook Watch History on Your Device?

Clear Facebook watch history on your device: On the other side, the Facebook Watch will track your watching patterns as you watch more videos, allowing Facebook to learn about your interests and...
web hosting services

Free Hosting Vs Paid Hosting: Know the Remarkable Differences

There are multiple web hosting services to choose from. If you have been scouting, you must have encountered hosting services that are free of cost. Especially if you have a small...
create content

6 Tips to Help You Create Content That Stands Out

Creating great content is an essential part of any online marketing plan, but it can be hard to know where to start. Here are six tips to help you create content...
Telecom expense management

Why is Telecom Expense Management a Highly Sought-after Solution for Organizations?

Telecom expense management is a highly sought-after solution and for reasons good. Telecom expense management or TEM simply put is the means to manage technology costs that is encompassed by finance...