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What Do You Mean By Guest Blogging?

Guest posting is a new technique of talent acquisition, when guests come up ahead and write content for you i.e. for your page and your portal. Below you can find some guest posting sites

Guest blogging is also known as “guest posting”, and in simple language means when a guest blogger writes content for your blogging portal or website.

Now usually these guest bloggers are those bloggers, who are from the same industry and write content on similar context. 

For example: If your blogging site talks about education solely, and a blogger from another educational driven blogging site approaches you to write content on your blogging site, then he/she is considered as a guest blogger.

The big question that would pop up in anybody’s mind is WHY would anyone let a random person write on their platform?

Fresh Blood To Your Website

Well, like it or not it’s the newest trend, if explored with the right amount of research can reap you a lot of success. This process if done rightly will help you provide fresh blood to your website. By fresh blood one means is new talent. This is one of the ways of fresh talent acquisition. This approach helps both the parties to the transaction. As  the blog author allows fresh and new ideas being implemented in his/her blog while the guest blogger can portray his/her talent on a new avenue and by targeting a new set of audience altogether. Throughout the process both the parties will benefit from this arrangement. There are many free guest blogging sites that one can pick.

This leaves us to the second question, i.e. how will both the parties benefit from it?

  • The author of the site can first of, build a strong relationship with his/her peers from within the industry.  Along with relationship, the author gets to welcome fresh perspective that will allow the audience to see different kind or style of writing. Another advantage is the massive traffic attraction on each of their websites and this not only increases brand awareness but also brand credibility, due to increase in creativity. This helps to reach out to larger set of audience, hence helping the portal grow and boost.
  • The guest blogger would benefit by entering a new domain to express his/her thoughts and ideas. This will give him/her a chance to increase his/her audience base and get this trafficking back to his/her site, by providing a permanent link to his/her page. Thus making or forming a new network base and tapping new target audience.

Can It Go Wrong?

Nothing in this world is a 100% secure or predicted. There is always a probability of things going off-track. The question comes down to HOW?

  • Lack of extensive research from the author’s point of view, would backfire the owner itself. 
  • Poor quality write-ups, which will definitely not appreciated by the author and not even welcomed by the audience. This will lead to bad mouthing about the author’s blog and also throw shade on the guest blogger’s skills and competence. 
  • Abuse power detrimental to the interest of the audience or author’s website.
  • Fingers will be pointed with regard to credibility of the author as well as the guest blogger.
  • Bad language skills and writing technique used by guest blogger.
  • Spamming your website with useless content.

The way guest posting sites work:

Keep author’s vision very clear, to be precise keep a very concise and clear bio of the author on the website itself, so that the guest blogger is aware about the writers vision and strategy.

Many companies, who go forward with guest blogging, give a permalink in the content which would redirect audience back to their portal.

  1. Conclude each post with a request to leave a comment, which would increase the interaction. Just a disclaimer, more the views, more the reach and more the chances or probability of your content being featured often on search engines.
  2. Use hash tags. It’s one of the most popular ways to feature your work or content and increasing a broader scope by selecting hash tags that are trending.
  3. Promote your guest blog post on your own social media networks. It’s a manner of showing affection and appreciation but also a way to generate more trafficking on the particular content. This will help the guest blogger connect to a larger audience. In short it’s a way of appreciating the gesture of the guest blogger. 
  4. Use Google Analytics to track how much traffic your guest post is generating. This will give you a broader idea and an insight of what’s trending and what’s on demand. 

Why Are Guest Blogging Sites Important For Business?

  • First and for most guest blogging helps brings in fresh perspective and a new outlook to your blog, by giving a different variety and style to your audience and in your timeline.
  • Like I mentioned earlier it’s like a batter deal, you can probably next time write on your guest bloggers page, in order to tap into his audience and redirecting them to your portal.
  • Creates a sense of responsibility in each other’s mind.
  • This way a new venture opens up too, where writers join hands and collaborate on a project, creating new alliance.
  • Last but not the least is, blooming of a new relationship.

How Do I Start With Guest Blogging?

In order to start guest blogging, one needs to be extremely sure about the following points:

  1. Extensive research about various guest posting sites. As there are a lot of blogger and content creators, so one needs to extensively research on the way, context and strategy of others, before finalizing and giving an opportunity to a specific blogger. There are many free guest blog posting sites also.
  2. Align your vision with the bloggers vision. 
  3. Matching your Writing style with that of the blogger’s.
  4. The kind of target audience, and the way they participate.
  5. The analyze the bloggers reach, both in its website as well as on all of his/her social media portals.

If the following approach come with a positive response, then without any delay, stat the process. But at any time if you feel that you’re not ready or the approaches are not satisfactory, retract from the mission. 

This is one of the ways to increase awareness and growth, so use this tool wisely to your benefit with complete and comprehensive research. 

Various guest posting sites for marketing

  • Mashable
  • Content marketing institute
  • Social media examiner
  • My story
  • Creative blog
  • Benchmark

Guest blogging sites for digital marketing:

  • Alexa rank
  • Marketing Profs
  • Co schedule 
  • Social media today
  • Social media explorer
  • Mailjet
  • The SEM post
  • Incomediary

There are numerous such guest posting sites that provide guest blogging. A quick Google search can help you come across such guest posting sites. This is a fantastic tool to help increase trafficking and increase popularity if done in the right way.