Telecom expense management

Telecom expense management is a highly sought-after solution and for reasons good. Telecom expense management or TEM simply put is the means to manage technology costs that is encompassed by finance and IT departments. It oversees as well as effectively manages system maintenance, desktop support, corporate and compliance strategy, and security. Besides, TEM also helps to manage technological functions that comprise voice services, mobile services, and data services.

To create a stable and effective infrastructure for one’s telecommunications indeed is a vital part to maintain communications amid staff, vendors, customers, and other businesses. With business telecommunications needing faster recovery time and newer tools, having a capable and reliable TEM is crucial.

Significance of TEM for Organizations

To uphold the right control of a telecommunication environment undoubtedly is a crucial task for organizations. They use TEM or end to end TEM in the form of toolset and practice to efficiently manage their expenses, services, and telecommunication assets. Typically TEM entails monitoring as well as controlling policies, service levels, invoices, expenditures and finally managing the complete network lifecycle.

A key reason why organizations use this tool is to aid control expenses along with managing the telecom part of the IT budget. During the last decade, the investments in corporate telecommunications have gone up and spending on telecommunications is likely to surge even further in the days to come. The telecommunication expense management may not stem the tide, it can however manage the costs that can result in controllable growth and within the budget.

Advantages Galore

When the majority of organizations consider TEM, the foremost perk which comes to mind definitely is cost savings. Although this is a key benefit of having this solution, it is however not the sole advantage which organizations realize. Below are some great outcomes from using telecom expense management systems.

  • Reduce Unnecessary Costs- The TEM solution, be it in the likes of consulting or software are designed for reducing wasteful spending and costs. Organizations have been capable of saving multiple dollars because TEM can capture every cost related to processing telecom expenditure and also optimizing the spend itself. It is accomplished via different activities such as cost center allocation, billing disputes, and verification of charges. By catching untoward expenditure and also validating charges, there will be incremental enhancements in telecom costs. Such small improvements will work wonders in translating to better profits and the numbers oftentimes are substantial.
  • Improve Inefficient Processes- Telecom costs are amid the top three expenditures for the majority of the organizations. Unnecessary costs in telecom are part of the issues yet inefficient processes too are. Most enterprises lack a streamlined process for handling telecom invoices. Thus, every month, huge stacks of invoices come in the mail which needs to be validated via one department as well as processed for payment via another. Often time constraint becomes a problem that results in poor validation of charges. For compounding the issue, most account payable departments continue to enter the invoices manually that is a system highly prone to errors. TEM is a software solution that can help to improve the process.
  • Optimize Telecom Spending- Telecommunication expense management offers an additional advantage to improve processes that throws light on data. Through effective TEM solutions, it indeed becomes easy in tracking where money is invested along with usage information. Organizations can follow this insight and apply the same towards enhancing the users and suppliers management. A company for instance may leverage its power of buying to obtain improved pricing from suppliers or optimizing rate plans for matching usage patterns. Besides, knowledge of telecom expenses can be utilized for making improved budget planning decisions.

Bottom Line

Untoward bill errors, over purchased services, and telecom expenses possess a sizeable effect on every company’s bottom line. Top independent research firms in fact identify telecom consistently as amid a highly challenging category for IT and finance teams to manage, resulting in massive overspending often times. Based on the present business climate, there is actually no time as of now to cut down costs. A good number of organizations are turning to telecom expense management or TEM service companies in assisting to get telecom waste and costs under control.

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