delete your instagram account

Instagram (and other types of social media) can be both a blessing and a curse. The photo-sharing website, which has over 1 billion users, is a perfect way to keep up with what your friends and favorite celebrities are up to. However, feeling obligated to record everything you do can be exhausting, and the constant barrage of “picture-perfect” moments from other people’s lives can exacerbate anxiety. If Instagram is making you feel like a prisoner, you may want to delete your account. To temporarily disable or permanently delete Instagram account, follow the steps below.

You will also find instructions for removing TikTok and Snapchat here if you’re trying to do a full social media detox. Keep in mind that once you uninstall your account, you won’t be able to reverse your decision. All of your photos and account history, including followers, likes, and comments, will be permanently deleted, and you will not be able to create another account with the same username.

If you’re trying to break all ties with Facebook and have already deleted your Facebook account, keep reading for instructions on how to delete your Instagram account. If you’re still undecided, we’ll go over how to temporarily disable your account. If it’s the latest news about Facebook’s questionable activities or you’ve been thinking about breaking up with the social media monopoly for a while, deleting your Instagram account is quick and painless (keep in mind Facebook owns WhatsApp in addition to Instagram).

What is the Procedure For Deleting an Instagram Account?

  1. From a device or mobile browser, go to and log in to your account. Unfortunately, the Instagram app does not allow you to delete your account.
  2. Go to and click Delete Your Account.
  3. Select a response from the drop-down menu next to “Why are you deleting your account?” on that tab.
  4. Insert your password again.
  5. Select “Delete my account permanently.”

Instagram has a temporary deactivation option if you don’t want to delete anything or just want to take a break from the social network. This allows users to deactivate their account for a period of time and then reactivate it later. Your profile, images, videos, messages, and likes will all be hidden from other users when your account is deactivated, but they will all reappear when you want to reactivate it.

If you just want to temporarily disable your account, log into your Instagram account on the web, open your profile, click “Edit profile” on your tab, and then pick “Temporarily disable my account” on the next page. You’ll also need to clarify why you’re disabling your account and validate your decision. Simply log in with your username and password as normal to reactivate your account in the future.

Listed Here Are Some Reasons Why You Should Delete Your Instagram Account:

  1. Right now, you’re dissatisfied with your life’s success.

2. You are a procrastinator.

3. You are unable to concentrate.

4. It’s impossible to sit silently for more than two seconds.

5. You find it difficult to live in the moment and be aware of what is going on around you.

6. You’re becoming increasingly illiterate.

7. This year, you haven’t read a single novel.

8. You believe that what people share on Instagram is a true reflection of their lives.

9. You assume your self-worth is measured by the number of followers, likes, and feedback you get.

10. People who seem to be more effective than you make you feel threatened.

11. You assume that having a large number of fans, likes, and comments is a requirement for success.

12. You are worried about your privacy and do not want Instagram (Facebook) to sell your details.

13. You claim that the organization (Facebook) is hostile to your political views.

14. Your business isn’t delivering quantifiable results.

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t delete your Instagram account because of a disagreement:

1. It’s pointless; no one will care.

If you’re deleting your account in the hopes that somebody would care and sympathize with you, the unfortunate fact is that they won’t. Please accept my apologies. Social media is a very self-centered medium. People are only interested in their own account and videos. Sure, your close friends will sometimes spam your comments section with fire emojis and love-struck expressions, but no one cares if your account is deleted.

2. There’s a chance you won’t get any more followers.

Many people who didn’t know your account was gone in the first place might not follow back your new account. Others may be insulted that you unfollowed them in the first place and may refuse to follow you back out of spite.

3. There isn’t any turning back.

Instagram now gives you the option of deleting or deactivating your account temporarily. If you want to uninstall your password, both your username and your account will be lost forever. If your account has been deleted, Instagram will not be able to help you reactivate it. It’s as if you’ve killed your Instagram account and there’s no turning back.