Best Time to Post on Instagram

In 2010, when Kevin Systrom started a simple photo sharing app from this love for whiskey and for all the pictures that he was busy clicking for the same, little had he realized that he was ready to created a storm in a barrel! Did you know that Instagram actually got a user base of 25,000 on its very first day? That is how far reaching its simple philosophy was! Instagram has since, emerged as one of the top social media platforms and was recently taken over by Facebook for over a Billion US Dollars. This shows just how far the photo sharing app has come since its humble beginnings and how its evolution has created a whole new way to be social when one is online. This has also sparked may debates including the best time of the day to post on Instagram.

Before we wonder when is the best time of the day to post on Instagram, we need to understand that the answer to this question would depend on what is being posted and the need of the suer as well as the audience of that specific kind of user.

The Types of Users on Instagrams

A very big part of understanding the best time to post on Instagram would be to understand the types of people who are on Instagram. Now, this platform has emerged as one of the top most and most widely used social media platforms. In simple terms, this means that people are not just using this platform to stay in touch and remain connected with their near and dear ones. There are a lot of other activities that go on here since everyone wants to leverage a space where there are maximum users, such as Instagram.

In keeping with this, one can see that there are content creators who act like the go between so that they can connect businesses or brands with their prospective customers. This is also a business practice of sorts that caters to the visibility needs of the bloggers as well as the brands in question. Further, there are brands and businesses who are busy creating content and also paying content creators to create content that would look organic and authentic so that they may illustrate how their products may best be used.

This is also because Instagram is primarily a photo and now, video sharing app or platform. This means that it is easy to demonstrate things without having to write lengthy blog posts. Hence, one can also see that the focus on creating awareness about a product or a service is directly tied in with making conversions or bringing in people straight from the platform to the E Commerce store or the website of the brand.

Browsing Trends and Behavior

Finally, there is the general audience on Instagram. These are people who may have public or private accounts. Their browsing trends and patterns as well as the online behavior will pretty much dictate the best time to post on Instagram.

If you are wondering when is the best time to post on Instagram, then you would have to study your core audience and understand what time they usually check their accounts. If, for example, you are trying to pitch a home cleaning product, then you would need to understand the browsing behavior and patterns of a home maker who is home and what time they are usually free to check their social media accounts and pages. Further, if your post is about office wear, then you should typically understand that the best time to post on Instagram would have to match the time of the day when there is a lull in the work schedules and meetings so that the officer goers may check their Instagram feed to take a break.

So, if you notice, the way a person browses depends on the person and a certain style of functioning as well as what that person does for a living or during the day. This would also dictate how the audience for every niche would behave on this social media platform. In order to predict the best time of the day to post on Instagram, you need to understand who your audience is and how this audience browses and behaves on Instagram.

Best Time of the Day to Post on Instagram

Instagram changes its algorithms on a constant basis, and it has made these changes over the pas few years, in order to keep up with the browsing style and behavior of the various types of audience that comes to the platform. This has been done to ensure that Instagram shows the best results at the right time for each and every type of audience.

In order to keep up with these algorithms, one of the best ways to optimize your Instagram account and its presence on the platform, would be to adhere to the right time or the best time to post on Instagram. These timings have been set by a survey conducted over many months and by various parties. They include the following:

  • Between 2 PM and 3 PM: This is especially helpful on a Thursday as per survey carried out by HubSpot, which is one of the best and oldest CRM and automation platforms out there. This is also usually the time when there is a lull in the activities of the office goers and students alike.
  • 10 to 11 AM: As per Sprout Social and its wide ranging survey, you would do well to post between this time, especially on Wednesday and Friday to tap into the midweek blues and the end of the week excitement, right at the beginning of the day.

9 AM to 11 PM: This has also been seen as the optimum time when many commuters tend to check their feed out of boredom. This is also the time when homemakers are free.