prepostseo review

Generating new content is always a hard task for every one of us. As a student, we can overcome the difficulties of writing assignments and thesis. While for professional writers and SEO experts producing fresh content every time can be a hurdle.

As a content writer, there is always a difficulty for me in writing concise information about a topic. The same problem was in my academic years where I have to write my thesis without being a victim of copyright issues.

But now this problem is solved by many software. These tools can produce content according to your topic.

Why I suggest Prepostseo

This tool is a bundle of more than 195 different tools that can help every student and webmaster with content. Some useful features of this tool are as follows:

Plagiarism Checker

Prepostseo has helped us to check the plagiarism of the content. To use this feature just paste your material on the available section and it will tell you the percentage of copied material.

It not only tells about the percentage of copy-paste but also of unique content.

prepostseo plagarism


Through this feature, you can spin your confused piece of writing into a structured one. Just write your material and click on the ‘Article rewrite’ button. Through this function, you can also make your material more fluent and creative.

prepostseo rewriter



The paraphrasing feature is the most beneficial for me as a student and as a content creator too. After taking material from bundles of sources I can create my new content just by clicking on the paraphrase option.

prepostseo Paraphraser


Thousands of details for a topic can confuse us a lot. But this problem is also solved by this tool. By setting word limit and percentage everyone can summarize its material within a second.

prepostseo summarize

Grammar checker

There is always a chance of making grammatical and punctuation mistakes while writing. The Prepostseo tool also helps to remove grammatical mistakes. Moreover, you can check the material of different languages. It has eliminated the need for proofreading.

perpostseo Grammar checker


Through its Optical Character Recognition technology, we can also convert any picture to the text form. Text can be taken from any kind of PNG, JPG, GIF, etc.

It supports multiple languages. Data can also be extracted from low-resolution pictures. It can also identify the math equations in scanned documents and images.

prepostseo ocr


As a new writer or website content creator, it is difficult to rank the website immediately on the search engines. This problem can be solved by using the Backlink generating feature of the Prepostseo tool.

Through the backlinks, traffic towards the website can improve a lot. It also helps in building website protocols. By these inbound links, the quality and quantity of links can be enhanced multiple times.


Search engine optimization is the most important technique used to gain ranking on many search engines. Prepostseo helps me to create SEO-optimized content.

It helps me with my topic material and has provided me with the keyword related to it. It is helpful both for on-page SEO and of-page SEO.


This tool is very easy to use. Through its user-friendly interface, we can find any function of it directly. In this tool, segmentation is done so that the user directly approaches it.

Users can also use its mobile app. Every feature has a different segment. In these segments, you can get instructions to use the particular feature. Moreover, a brief introduction of every feature is given at the end of the segment.

Additional Features

Besides all the features of academic and content usage, Prepostseo also provides additional features through which you can solve your problems. It provides a bundle of Domain and Website management tools to work on.

At the end of every feature, a feedback question is given by which you can rate the tool.

 Drawbacks To Be Addressed

There are thousands of tools that are offering the functions of Prepostseo tools. There exist a competition between them. Some tools are valuable for their pricing while some are for their features.

As far as Prepostseo is concerned this tool is no doubt a good one but it has some drawbacks.

  • In the tool, it is mentioned that it has provided several features or can help with billions of websites. But it is a vague statement.
  • This problem is mainly with the plagiarism checker. Sometimes its plagiarism percentage can vary from other checkers to a great extent. This problem may lie in the database of the tool
  • As the Prepostseo is handling a hand full of features at the same time. Sometimes its function can be slowed down. Processing can take more time than usual.

Pricing Strategy: Is it fair or not?

The Prepostseo tool is available in both free and paid versions. In the free version, facil     ities like OCR, Grammar check, paraphrasing, article rewriter, plagiarism check, etc. can be enjoyed. While its paid plan is divided into basic, standard, and company.

All the plans are separately available on a monthly and yearly basis. For yearly company costs 350$, standard cost 150$ and basic costs 50$. While in monthly plans company costs 45$, standard costs 20$ and basic costs 10$.

The pricing strategy of Prepostseo is of medium range. Prices are neither too low nor too high. Thus it is an affordable tool.

prepostseo Pricing Strategy

My Suggestions

In every available tool, there are several pros and cons. The cons must be addressed properly. Prepostseo tool is a very efficient tool concerning its features. It is an all-rounder software.

It is useful for every student, teacher, professional writer, and webmaster. The tool is easy to use and contains a large number of versatile functions.

But every tool and software can’t be perfect. Similarly, Prepostseo has its pros and cons. The advantage of the tool is its multi-functionality while the major cons are its less accuracy and undefined database.

These problems can be addressed with time. In a nutshell, Prepostseo is a very handy and simple tool that can be used by anyone for creating concise and simplified content.