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What Do You Mean By Product Review ?

The word “product review” speaks for itself; the concept of product review is very important and needs to be understood with utmost precision. Below you can find best product review sites.

In simple words, it refers to customers giving their view point about any particular product or overall business brand.

Customers are one of the important stakeholders and are referred to as “the king of the market” One should make sure that their satisfaction is one of the on-strategy duties of the companies. Customers provide reviews in order to voice out their dissatisfaction and issues, and throw light on matters that company needs to work on. A happy customer is a loyal customer, hence customer satisfaction should be treated with due care. 

Why Are Reviews Important ?

Reviews provide an insight to the customers’ thoughts as to how they like the businesses product or services or brand as an overall. As being part of the 21st century where everything is available on a single click, where internet has connected customer from all across the world in a single portal. Reviewing has become an important aspect taken new customer in order to make an informed diction.

Not only that, corporates are now focusing on corporate governance and social responsibility, they are looking forward to provide a satisfactory experience to all their customers so that they go ahead and fill in positive feedback on a third party portal. These will not only give bonus points to the business by helping them retain loyal customers but also give them the opportunity to acquire new customers. So for over all brand awareness and growth, positive reviews play a very vital role. There are many product review sites which will help generate new customer base.

What’s The Difference Between Business Review And Product Review?

  • Business review is a much broader concept, where the business is looked as a whole. As in, what is the unique factor in their business that makes their brand more likable than others or what are the ways in which a business differentiates itself from others. It’s all about its identity and existence. In business review customers talk about the brand as a whole.
  • Product review focuses on product specifications. It is all about the customers experience after purchasing the product. It is very specific and product oriented.

When customers evaluate your business they look at both.

Should Company Value Get Reflected On Its Product?

Often we come across negative reviews such as “such a hypocrite”, this is because many times company preaches one theory and practices something else. Here is when customer needs to understand the difference between product specifics and a brand as an overall. 

The classic example that I can think of is; the dove AdCampaign, with #realbeauty 


Unilever being the parent company of dove won millions of heart by touching every body’s soul as to how the advertisement personified real beauty. The ad was praised by many and adored by all women. But the catch was, when dove claimed to use real women as the face for their brand and that they do not hire models for their ad campaign, and also came up with a beauty pledge.

At the same time, Unilever broadcasted an advertisement for one of their other product’s Axe , which shows opposite of what the beauty pledge spoke about.

This became a matter of debate as to whether Unilever vision approach. And this is when tags like “phoney” or “hypocrite” come up. This resulted in lot of negative comments and caused reputational damage too for the company, Unilever.

This is one of the main reasons to understand the difference between a product and a brand while writing a review.

An Importance of Review

Product review sites an important aspect on online platform. When it comes using online portals like EBay or Amazon, in such platforms customers usually check out the reviews of other customers, this can be referred as few product review sites. This is largely because, online mode has not yet captured the market, there is still a long way to go for online shopping to penetrate into customers mind set.

Hence review is one of the ways TRUST can be built between the company and the customer. This is one of the reasons why businesses are keen on business review or product reviews in a third party portals that many other visitors who may be surfing, can feel interested in the product after reading other customers reviews. Both positive and negative reviews play a vital role. This is because it provides scope for growth and betterment. Also when everything looks all merry and pretty, it often raises a red flag in the minds of the customers.

How Product Reviews Generate Sales?

1. Provide scope of betterment

When there are negative feedbacks or reviews regarding any product, companies pay close look at it and try to understand the same from a customer’s point of view.

2. Consumers insights

To look at the product from the consumers perspective.

3. Improved SEO 

Online product reviews can improve your search engine ranking in several ways. New reviews added to your product page keep your product page fresh with new content showing Google that it’s constantly being updated.

If you don’t want product reviews to be part of your website, consider adding that functionality. Some e-commerce platforms have built-in product review options. Popular add-on apps for product reviews sites include Yotpo , Bazaarvoice, and PowerReviews.

The Best Product Review Sites 2023

  • CNET
  • Consumer Reports
  • PC Magazine
  • Good Housekeeping
  • YouTube
  • TestFreaks
  • Wirecutter
  • Consumer Search
  • Quora
  • Best Products

Customers have always been one of the most important stakeholders of any company. Meeting their needs and wishes will generate sales and at the same time will also help in forming a network. As per the latest governance policy, corporates should make sure customer satisfaction plays an important part of the corporates. This has led to readdressed of customer grievance, focusing on providing utmost customer satisfaction.