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Why Would Anyone Want To Search For Email Addresses?

Email finding tools are one of the most efficient tools that help search bulk email addresses with absolutely no haste and to initiate a communication channel in order to expand your network base.

Firstly, emails are one of the most effective and efficient ways of communication. Whereas other forms of communication such as tweets or Direct Messages (DM) often get lost during the process, but when it comes to emailing, it’s considered much more professional and effective as it catches the attention of the user within a very private space. Hence, finding the right email finding tool is very important.

Secondly, it’s called reaching out or in simple terms as connecting or networking. Email finder tools help users find out authentic and verified email addresses, which can be used to send out bulk emails in order to generate sales or capital or simply reaching out to form a network.

Thirdly, by using various email finding tools one can derive the entire data analytics behind their bulk emails, i.e. to know who actually OPENS your emails. This will help you gather information about your target audience, who can actually be converted into potential clients. 

Fourthly and lastly, it acts like a feedback mechanism, where you can expect revert. This is one of the ways business models work when they want to reach out to a larger audience; say retailers or wholesalers or mere customers for that matter. 

Email Outreach Is a Vital Part of Growing Your Search Traffic. How?

Sending in bulk email can redirect many people to your website. Also it helps your company be noticed by a lot of new audiences. This can be highly used at the time of spreading awareness about your brand or any new product or service that you are launching. This will help you increase trafficking on your website. And to reach out to the right target audience, emails are the best way to go about it.

When Is Bulk Emailing Preferred?

Well, bulk emailing is one of the promotional tools used by many businesses in order to create awareness about their new projects or services or new ventures. Practically anything fresh in order to penetrate into the minds of the people.

How Do These Email Finding Tools Help In Reaching out To People?

So these email finder tools follow a mantra i.e. “to help your outreach campaign be a huge success” let me tell how this works precisely; let’s start by taking few examples of these email finder tools that can be easily available to customers for free(for an initial period)

How Hunter Works


The first email finding tool that I picked is called Hunter, where you can sign up for free as a free trial. It’s a free email finding tool which works wonder.

  1. Go to the website and make an account with them.
  2. Go to the company domain of the person that you want to contact and reach out.
  3. The moment the icon on the hunter page lights up to orange, this signifies that Hunter has some emails about the domain in their database.
  4. Once you click on the icon, you will see a list of emails that hunter has accumulated from this domain specifically.

Now with email outreach one should remember to contact a specific person as; you can address the contact by their name making the conversation much more personalized  makes you more visible, and helps you to reach out directly. For example, contact the HR Manager or content manager; this will help you channelize your needs properly.

  1. After targeting the right contact, you can go to the Hunter website and click on “Finder” tool in the menu bar.
  2. Enter the first and last name of the contact, and their company domain.
  3. Voila! You will be able to find their email instantly.

 How Clearbit Works


  • Next tool is called as Clearbit, which is used as a chrome extension and is part of the Gmail inbox, and you can use it on a free trial basis also, just like Hunter.

It works exactly like Hunter, where we need to click on an icon called “Find Emails”, after which you need to enter the company domain and the name of the person you need to connect to. Right away you will be notified with the person’s email with a blue tick, which notifies that the email id is verified.

  • The good thing about Clearbit is that their majority searches are valid and verified.
  • The bad thing is that, they get access to your contacts once you use this tool

Now the first two email finding tools are very useful to find out “” email addresses, while there are many who prefer using “” or “” or “”;

These can be found out easily by simply searching them on their own website. Usually most of the businesses mention their email ids as their contact details on their website pages under the tab called as contact us.

  • The last email finder tool that I want to discuss on “Email Permutator+ LinkedIn Sales Navigator”

First, I would like to begin with email permutation, where one needs to enter in all the credentials, right from the name to their business domain. But the good thing in this tool is that you can add another domain to it, like an additional link or website. 

 E.g. The person’s personal blog page. And based on all the credentials provided, a search list would pop up.

LinkedIn Email Finder Tools

LinkedIn Sales Navigator should be installed on chrome. As this will help you confirm the email id used by the person in his/her LinkedIn profile. This is one of the LinkedIn email finder tools.

The FINAL STEP at all times and while using any of the above mentioned email finding tools is to confirm or validate that the email-id found is actually authentic. This can be done by using another different set of tools called email verification tools, one such tool under this category is Neverbounce.  These sites help you find out whether the emails generated are authentic or not. 

There a lot of other email finder tools, apart from the above mentioned that can serve this purpose:

Have a Look at Some of Email Finding Tools

  • Voila Norbert
  • Find That Email
  • AnyMail Finder
  • Find That Lead
  • Toofr
  • Klenty

Instead of using all the various email finding tools that are available in the market, do an extensive research and find out which tool will work the best for you. As many of them even provide you with personalized custom. Made features that will help you exclusively along with their generalized packages.

By using email finders you can help to channelize your search engines. You can understand your target audience even better and analyze what are the different areas one needs to explore. This will ultimately help you generate leads and result in capital inflow and increase brand recognition.