Digital Marketing

Introduction: Digital Marketing

The landscape of digital marketing will be more demanding than ever before in 2022 as advertising spending increases. To make a mark in the crowded market, digital marketers must customize their customers’ experiences.

Below, we’ve put together some of the key statistics digital marketers should be aware of when implementing their strategies for 2022.

Digital Advertising is Getting More Competitive

The total amount of digital ads is expected to reach $389 billion by 2022. While the global digital advertising market was able to record an average 2.4 percent growth in 2020, it’s predicted to increase by 17% by 2022. It’s not a comeback!

The cost per action (CPA) ranges from $49 for paid search and $75 for display advertisements. These figures show the extent to which digital advertising is competitive and how important it is for various sectors.

The stakes in digital advertising have never been more significant, nor have the demands on agencies and marketers to maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns to gain more customers at less cost.

US advertising on social media totaled $43 billion in 2020, and it represented a 20 percent raise over 2019. For 2020 US Facebook advertising will spend over $31 billion, and it is a 5 percent improvement over the previous year’s.

In 2019, US LinkedIn ad spending reached $1 billion, representing an increase of 40% in advertising spending since 2016. LinkedIn has become an important marketing channel for B2B marketers.

SEO Statistics for Digital Marketing

Ninety-three percent of all interactions online begin by using an internet search engine.

It shows how vital it is to put in the time and effort for the right SEO practices since it can boost your rank for your website on Google or another major search engine. In essence, having your company or business’s website higher on search engines could end up being the most effective method of advertising for your service or product.

Google has more than 77,000 search queries every second.

Based on Internet Live Stats, the average amount of users using Google every day is 77,000, and it is equivalent to around 2 trillion searches in a year. That means that one of the top search engines to utilize is Google. If your site is ranked high on Google, you’re likely to receive higher organic visitors.

72% of online marketers believe that high-quality content is the most effective SEO strategy.

It’s not enough to write content and then post it on your site, and you must also use SEO Audit Services to maximize an SEO plan. With quality content, you stand a greater chance of establishing confidence with your clients, leading to leads.

Email Marketing Statistics

In 2018, around 281 billion email messages were received and sent every day.

Many business owners are under the false impression that their customers don’t want to be targeted via emails. It has led some to think that email marketing isn’t the same as other strategies.

However, recent figures have shown the contrary. Statista offers that in 2018 more than 281 billion email messages were delivered every day, and the amount could rise to 347 billion in 2022. It indicates that email remains one of the best methods to connect with your target customers.

Based on the most recent research conducted by GetResponse, the latest research conducted by GetResponse shows that welcome emails are read around 82 percent times. It is an important measure to consider in determining whether your email marketing campaign is successful or not.


The open rate of your email is directly proportional to your CTR, which is also known as a click-through. The more people who can open your email and browse through it, the more likely they will interact with your business by purchasing your product or learning more about your offerings.

The average number of users who check their email on mobile devices is 49%.

If you’re using marketing via email to promote your business, ensure that your email messages are mobile-friendly. It is because a significant majority of people access emails on mobile devices.

Personalized emails offer transactions six times or more than emails that are not personalized.

If you’re a business owner, you’ll have customers with differences that go beyond their characteristics. To build trust with the customers, consider sending individual emails rather than generic emails.

Social Media Marketing Statistics

It is estimated that there are 3.2 billion social media users each day.

According to Emarsys, the number of 3.2 billion users on social media who are active daily that’s about 40% of the total population. If you’re skilled in marketing via social media, it is possible to connect with a broader audience and help your business rise to new levels.

Ninety-eight percent of sales reps have reached their quotas via social selling.

The sales techniques you employ should change to keep up with consumers’ evolving behavior. If you’re a salesperson, one strategy that you can adopt is using social media platforms to connect and interact with potential customers.

According to research, more than 98% of sales reps who have more than 5000 LinkedIn connections can reach or even exceed their target quota.

A total of 140 minutes are engaged in social networking each day.

Social Networks

No matter if you’re perusing a myriad of endless Facebook feeds or posting your favorite photo on Instagram, it’s a fact that you check the social networks you use almost every day. But, how much time do you devote to these sites?

Through an analysis conducted through the Global World Index, it was discovered that people spend about an hour and 22 minutes using social media. For those who run businesses, this means that you could make use of your social media profiles to promote your business to increase your followers and, ultimately, make money associated with this.

If you can provide your customers with a pleasant experience on social media, they’re more likely to refer it to friends and family.

One of the most appealing benefits of marketing via social media is that it’s cost-effective. Additionally, you can access an audience that could be your most effective ambassador.

Seventy percent of YouTube videos are viewed via mobile devices.

How Many Are Unique Mobile Users in the World?

The first statistic in this listing of online marketing statistics will help you appreciate the importance of mobile marketing.

The most recent statistics on advertising show that, as of January 20, 2022, there were 5.22 billion mobile phone users across the world (DataReportal 2022). It represents 66.6 percent of the world population.

Also, it marks a 1.8 percent increase in year-over-year growth beginning in January 2020. In the same calendar year alone, we added 93 million users of mobile phones. If these numbers on digital marketing remain on the rise and grow, we’ll see more significant numbers of mobile phones in the next decade.

Smartphones are the most sought-after mobile device, having 96.6 percent of internet users using smartphones. Contrary to that, only nine percent of people use mobile phones, which aren’t smartphones, and 34.3 percent of tablet users.

If you’re already operating an online store or contemplating setting up one, you’ll need to incorporate mobile advertising as an integral part of your digital marketing strategy.


Because digital marketing is constantly evolving, it is essential to keep up with the latest research and developments.

We hope that these figures give you a better understanding of the world of digital marketing and help you understand the various marketing strategies your competitors employ. These statistics will also provide you with ideas to keep your company ahead of the curve or perhaps be ahead of the game.