google gravity

Mr.Doob Google Gravity is something that can literally turn your world upside down or right side up – depending on where your device is, and where you are! With Gravity google, you can move objects around in fun actions and bring in a whole new dimension to taking a break from work! While Google Gravity I’m feeling lucky is one of the best known tools out there, there are also other interesting tools like Google zero gravity and Google gravity lava are also well known tools that can easily help you have some fun even as you are on the desktop and trying to make sense of your work day!

Sir Isaac Newton may have discovered Gravity, but we have taken the concept even further by sending people into space – we have actually learnt how to defy gravity and use it to our advantage, to go far beyond the planet we are on. We have scaled new frontiers when we have learnt more about gravity. And now, Google Gravity is here to do exactly that! A simple force that get the world on its feet can now actually turn your screen into an upside down playground and give you the feeling of literally being out of this world, in outer space, drifting away, sliding away and having a ton of fun while you do that!

So When We Talk About Gravity Google, Exactly How Does it Work?

The Google search bar is where you would begin your journey. As soon as you search for Gravity Google, you will get a pile of the navigation buttons on one side before you know what has happened! This is because the ent ire screen will slide to a side and send all the buttons and the search bar into a collapse, which is quite fun and sudden to watch. The visual play of the entire tool is what makes standing in a straight line very difficult. The Google Gravity tool seeks to show us what the world would be like if we were to do away with gravity altogether! The search bar must now be used in this titled form for us to search for whatever we are looking for, which makes everything even more fun!

Reaching Google Gravity

Making use of the Google Gravity tool on your laptop or your PC is a better of opening a browser and searching for the terms Gravity Google. This would throw up a number of options in the form of links. It is enabled by Java Script and there are many third party websites through which you can log into this tool and make use of it. While Google has removed the tool in 2009, it was brought back thanks to the support of a number of third party websites in this domain. The tool can now be accessed on one’s smart phone since most of the browsers now work on smart phones as well.

Google : A Search Engine That Has Changed The World

 Providing accurate information with a super easy to use interface is what Google is known for. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Google has created such a tool that can truly add a fun element to your search engine activities! With Gravity Google, you can truly take a ride into the outside world and see what all is out there.

Google Gravity

Is the Gravity Google tool a cool one? Without a doubt! What makes this tool a big hit with everyone is the fact that the Java Script running in the back end makes all the elements go down into a fun tumble so that you are left trying to straighten it up only for more laughs and more fun to erupt. This would include icons and even the text as well as the Google logo and all the buttons – nothing gets left behind when it starts its work!

Steps for Using Gravity Google:

  • The first thing is that you would have to get to a browser window. This can be done on any kind of device. You would need to use a browser like Chrome or even Safari or Firefox. Just ensure that the browser is safe since you do not want to get any kind of virus or bug when you are going to look for the Gravity Google tool for your own fun.
  • Once you have opened up the browser to access Google Gravity, you can then com in order to go to the search engine. This would help you start the journey towards losing hold of gravity with Google Gravity tool. The browser has to be Java enabled so you would have to ensure that the same is facilitated.
  • After this is done, you should type the words Gravity Google or Google Gravity so that you can access the tool. Do a quick spell check and ensure that all the spellings are correct and the spacing between the words is also intact so that the browser or the search engine does not mess up the search results.
  • Once you have typed Google Gravity and pressed enter, the first thing you will see is the Google Gravity I’m Feeling Lucky Look at this since this is where the next step would lie, in the entire process. The simple thing to do here is to click on this link or tab so that it begins your journey into the cool tool!
  • The SERP or the Search Engine Results Page that will be displayed here is not for you to click on. You will instantly find the website which has the highest ranking and has enjoyed the highest clicks and traffic for the tool that you are looking for. This is something that Google does when it wants to match your search with the most accurate results that would come without any slug.
  • Now, you will see that it has started to activate. What does this mean? Well, the elements will begin their slow and sudden tumble and before you know it, you will have a random pile of objects and elements looking at you’re from the corner or the bottom of the screen since gravity has nearly collapsed in the digital world, thanks to this tool. If your connection is slow, you might see this only after a minute or so. Each time you search, the tumble and the pile will be a new, random pattern and place on the screen, which makes it even more fun!
  • Time for Break! This is where you can take a break from work to refresh your mind and to find some fun elements in your day. When you use the navigation or search bar that has tumbled to the bottom or the side, or when it stands titled, you will have a fun time as you will have to literally crook your head to keep up with the direction of the text as per the Google Gravity This can also make for a fun time as people in the cabins or the tables next to you would also want to join in the fun.

The tool can also be used on the phone since it works the same in a browser on any device like a tablet or a smart phone. It might look slightly different yet the Gravity Google I’m feeling lucky and Gravity Lava tools would look slightly.

FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a quick look at some of the FAQs for Google Gravity:

What are Google Tricks?

From the Google Creative Lab to the Downtown Project and many others, there are a number of tricks that you can search for and use in Gravity Google. This would also take you to things like Google Gravity Lava, Google Zero Gravity and other such tools including barrel roll and more so that you can have some fun in a different way almost every single day. The Google birthday trick is also a great one that many people favor!

What is the I’m Feeling Lucky Features and How it is Related to Google Gravity?

These features are known to regularly throw up some new and fun elements that can surprise people and make for some great breaks. Yes, they are very much related to Google and they are also supported by third party websites for better functionality.

Does Google Gravity Use Third Parties?

Yes, this is supported by third parties since this simple trick can be used by many businesses, brands and websites in order to create a pivot or to show up in the SERP or search engine results page with much ease. This is because Google gravity is quite highly searched.

How Was It Created?

The tool was created using Java Script in the Google Creative Labs space.

Why Was It Created?

It was created just to put a fun element in place and it was revived in order to help people get through the work from environment created during the pandemic times.

Do You Have to Do Anything Extra For Google Gravity SEO?

It can fuel your SEO goals since it would direct traffic to your page – especially the traffic that regularly looks for such tools.

Can You Use Google Gravity from Many Devices?

Thanks to the Java script that is enabled on the platform for the tool, you can easily use it on a number of devices from smart phones to tablets and even your laptop or PC, with much ease!

Google Zero Gravity:

A well-known google feature, Google zero gravity, facilitates in picturing contents like google search header, labels, buttons, etc. present on the Google website, as falling down due to gravitation. It’s a feel of google website searches, buttons, etc. in a zero gravity space. In order to apply google zero gravity function, Go to website and type “google zero gravity” in a search box and click on the button “I’m feeling lucky”, then you will be redirected to the “Google Zero Gravity” page where google elements will appear reversed.

Google Gravity Lava:

Google gravity lava, a popular google feature, allows seeing graph surface which we can fill with graphical squares by just clicking on respective square boxes. We can build any kind of structure or diagram through Google Gravity Lava. Once clicked on any square, red boxes appear for that particular square and similarly we can create our desired structure by filling up the required squares. It’s a great fun! For using the Google Gravity Lava feature, Go to website and type “Google Gravity Lava” in a search box and click on the button “I’m feeling lucky”, then you will be redirected to the page of “Google Gravity Lava” where you will see graph structure with square boxes on it.

Google Gravity Space:

Google gravity space is a very unique and convenient google feature where contents of google website are seen floating in a space. You can move the contents anywhere on the screen and they will keep floating. In order to apply google gravity space function, Go to website and type “google gravity space” in a search box and click on the button “I’m feeling lucky”, then you will be redirected to the “Google Gravity Space” page where google elements will appear floating and you can move them anywhere on the screen. The google gravity space feature is very exciting!

Google Gravity Trick:

Among several illustrious google features, Google Gravity Trick, is a feature in which all the contents of google page fall down at bottom of the display screen due to a gravitational pull when you click anywhere on the screen. You can move the parts anywhere throughout the screen and they will settle at bottom due to gravitation. It’s really a great enjoyable trick. For enabling the feature of Google Gravity Trick, go to the website and type “google gravity trick” in a search box and click on “I’m feeling lucky” button, then you will be readdressed to the page of “Google Gravity trick” where you will find the elements of the webpage reversed and settled down at the bottom of the screen due to gravitational pull.

Google Gravity Underwater:

Google gravity underwater is a distinguished google feature where contents of the google page are seen as if to be in an aquarium, with some contents floating on the water, some sinking in water along with sharks or fishes present in the water. You can move the water tides using the mouse cursor and it appears as if some search bars, texts and contents of the page floating on the water. You will love this feature and it’s a great joy to play with it! For applying the google gravity underwater function, go to website and type “google gravity underwater” in a search box and click on “I’m feeling lucky” button, then you will be redirected to the “Google Gravity Underwater” page where google webpage contents will appear floating on water and you can move them anywhere on the screen.

Google No Gravity:

Google no gravity is similar to the feature of google zero gravity where contents of the site will be reversed. In this feature, all the contents and elements of the google website will appear falling down due to zero or no gravity at the bottom of the page. You can move the contents of the webpage anywhere on the screen with the help of the cursor. You can follow the same process for installation as like the above mentioned google features and search for google no gravity.

Google Gravity Unblocked:

Google gravity unblocked is a feature where various unblocked games are created with the help of google gravity. You can play all the games free of cost and have fun. It’s really good to see how engineers at Google create these types of tricks and games with the help of java-scripts and other programming languages. It’s really a wonderful enjoyment playing the Google gravity unblocked games.

 Zerg Rush – Do Barrel Roll Google Gravity:

  • Zerg Rush:

Zerg Rush is a game originally developed by Google with small ‘o’ characters that destroy search results if they are not clicked with the mouse. We must keep clicking on search results and links otherwise they may vanish when we stop clicking on the same.

  • Barrel Roll:

Playing the game, “Do a barrel roll”, flips the screen and it also works without internet. Barrel Roll will cause the search results to rotate by 360 degrees i.e. complete rotation of contents and element search takes place. It will fetch distinct google gravity games and features such as Google gravity, google search mirror and so on. We can enjoy playing these distinct games to get relaxed after our busy working day. Students can also have a great fun and enjoyment playing these different google gravity games. It will develop a new horizon and view in the students of creating such play games and understanding the computational logic behind the same.

Google Low Gravity:

Having said, Google has an extensive variety of newly developed features, the Google low gravity is google feature which is one of the smooth features of Google. The Google Low Gravity performs as a feature with little or no gravity. It is more or less same as that of the google zero gravity except with an infinitesimal difference in gravity. The contents of the google page will be reversed and will be seen at the bottom of the page due to the gravitational pull. It’s a great fun to play with the google low gravity trick. We can move the google text boxes, labels and other elements anywhere on the screen. Many games are made with the low gravity concept. For example, Low gravy game is a challenging one where the ship in the game has very little fuel and inadequate oxygen. One must guide it safely through a series of caves and caverns to land on each refueling station. It checks how fast we reflex or react and how we can survive in such cases. It increases our creativity and imagination power. It’s simple to play, but difficult to master the Low Gravity games.

Google Gravity Hack:

If you are thinking to hack google home page, then practically it’s not possible. But you have a chance to play with the google home page with the help of google gravity hacks. This feature allows all the components or elements of the google page to fall down and one can move them freely anywhere on the screen using the mouse.

Google Mirror:

In general internet terms, mirror is nothing but the copy of the page or website. Google mirror is nothing but the mirrored-image of the google page.

The only thing one can’t do with the Google mirror is to change the language settings. We can provide our inputs only in English. If we want to search for the word “friend” then we should provide the reversed wording “dneirf” in the search string on the page. Here, we can get many options such as underwater, google gravity and other features for google mirroring. Google mirror is simply mirror image of the original page with its contents and elements. It’s a great enjoyment surfing through the google mirror.

Google Sky:

If one searches for the feature of Google Sky on google by clicking on the link below, a picture of the sky with distinct planets, stars and much more can be seen.

We can zoom in and zoom out the elements and features of the sky. If we wish to see the real Moon or Mars, we can avail the feature of Google sky to see an animated or virtually real structure of the Moon or Mars, by clicking on the top of the left-corner and respective names. It’s a great fun and amusement to see the sky, moon, mars and other elements on the google sky.

 All these above-mentioned features are created by Google so that the users visiting google can have some kind of fun, enjoyment and be busy in a creative and innovative way. It makes one think what exactly is happening here? One can experiment with his or her imagination and create wonders using these google features and make the time spent worthwhile.

The Google Gravity and other features mentioned in this article are safe and will not harm your PC or phone in any way, as they are marked secure as per Google. Most of the children found these tricks and features on google interesting and play funny pranks with their friends, parents or relatives.

It’s really incredible to see how engineers at Google are creating the google gravity and other tricks with the help of artificial intelligence, java-script and other programming languages. It is also quite amazing to see that when these play games come into action, all of the elements fall off or float on the page or such more quite naturally and it does a great job at depicting how the gravity and other elements work. It is advantageous for the students of kindergarten to learn these google tricks and hacks. They could also play around with other Google’s Easter Eggs and get to study many new things about science and technology.

Our schools and colleges need to adapt such kinds of methods in order to construct new ways of studying through enjoyment and revolutionizing our education system.