Online Courses

Online Course So yes, you can create an  on whatever you know!!

We are all witnessing a golden era for creators, especially for creators who want to monetize their knowledge, skill, or passion. 

Penetration of the internet, maturity of the online payment systems, and of course availability of the no-code platforms that let you create and sell courses online has made all the course creators witness this golden decade. 

There are courses on every topic you can think of i.e. how to make an organic plant color, breastfeeding, playing music instruments, learning a technology, coaching on how to date, how to sell, market your service, and many more.  

Let’s look at the best no-code platform that lets you create and sell online courses 

FreshLMS :


FreshLMS – as the name says, it’s a Fresh Way of letting you create and sell online courses. It is built with course creators and their students’ learning experience in the mind. 

FreshLMS has already had better success than those like Teachable, which are already well known as the biggest company in the market. No Doubt FreshLMS is One of the best Teachable Alternative

The FreshLMS platform is divided into five key sections that matter the most for the course creators. 

  1. Course Creation Journey 
  2. Ability to Market and Sell Online Courses 
  3. Learning Experience for your customers 
  4. Payment processing. 
  5. Pricing 

Let’s go a little deeper into each one of them 

1. Course creation Journey:

The creation of a course should be without any frills. The learning curve is minimal in FreshLMS. FreshLMS has put a benchmark that, if your content is ready, you should be able to launch a course in less than 60 minutes with FreshLMS. 

 You can structure the course as modules and chapters and add different types of content like Upload Videos, documents, upload audio, create documents like MS word, embed presentations, and embed videos from external systems like Youtube, Vimeo, or any third-party storage or player of your choice. 

FreshLMS has built the course creation journey as a canvas that a painter can paint the way he/she wishes to. 

2. Ability to Market and Sell Online Courses:

FreshLMS works especially on providing different features and toolsets that help in marketing and selling the courses. 

  There are some very interesting features like 

  1. single-use coupon codes which can be generated in bulk and shared with your audience
  2. multi-use coupon codes
  3. Affiliate marketing: Yes you can start your affiliate marketing program 
  4. Change the whole platform to the language of your wish 
  5. Most user-friendly sales landing pages and check out pages 

3. Learning Experience for your customers:

FreshLMS always works with a mission that the learning experience for the course takers should be top-notch and the branding, color, themes should be matching to exactly as how the course creators want them.

With FreshLMS, you can change the colors, themes, logos, images of sign-up, login pages, white label the whole platform according to your choice. 

Your course should completely represent your brand and nothing else 

4. Payment Processing:

Your hard work and knowledge has made the course possible and hence the payment should directly reach your bank. This is a very critical feature in FreshLMS. Connect to your payment gateways and the processing will happen directly with your bank. FreshLMS does not act as a middle man at all. 

Currently, FreshLMS has two popular payment gateways – Stripe and Paypal. It will be adding many more in near future. 

5. Pricing:

Course creators are hustlers to start with and then they grow and scale and our pricing exactly follow the same pattern.

  1. Always for Free Plan: This is for hustlers who are new to the online course creation journey. They don’t have to pay anything to use the platform till they are confident and convinced.
  2. Starter Plan: It’s just $29 a month This is for the course creators who are now confident about the course and start to grow their business.
  3. No Brainer Plan: It’s just $59 a month. This is for the course creators who now want to scale fast in their business.


So yes, for 2022, the course creators should surely look at FreshLMS for creating and selling online courses. 

Aah one more point. FreshLMS is very price-friendly. It has an always Free Plan as well.

Start monetizing your knowledge with the FreshLMS platform.