Online Advertising Agency

Online advertising or digital marketing has become one of the vital aspects for businesses these days and it is important for businesses to incorporate digital marketing tactics within their business strategies to get success within a short period of time. But most companies prefer to opt for an online advertising agency, over in-house digital marketing teams, for getting help in this field. This may be because hiring an agency is far easier to afford in comparison to maintaining an in-house online advertising team.

With such a wide range of marketing strategies popping up every single day, it becomes impossible for business owners to keep themselves updated with the latest trends in the market all the time and become a “jack of all trades” in every aspect of digital marketing. That is why businesses these days hire online advertising agencies who can do it for them. There are several digital marketing agencies available and selecting the right one becomes quite difficult. So we are providing you 5 vital steps following which you can identify the right online advertising agency in Kolkata for your business.

1) First Determine Your Business’s Marketing Requirements

When you will start searching for the best digital marketing agency in Kolkata, you should prepare and ask yourself some vital questions like what you would like to achieve with the agency and how much money will you invest for achieving that. This is because properly understanding what you require for your business will help you to narrow down your choices and will help to save your time and resources.

After determining your company’s requirements, whether that be redesigning your brand or increasing your business presence online- you are ready to start searching for the right online advertising agency for your business.

2) Know their strengths  (Advertising Agency)

All online advertising firms are not created equally and just because they are big enterprises that doesn’t mean that they will be the best for you. Suppose if your company specializes in say jewelleries and accessories, then there is no point in working with a big digital marketing company that mostly caters to businesses outside your slot.

It is always better to work with a digital marketing company that fits with you, even if that is a medium sized company. So rather than hiring a big digital marketing company, prefer to hire a company who knows about your market and whom you are trying to reach very well.

3) Check the Credibility of the Digital Marketing Advertising Agency

You should check the reputation of the digital marketing agency before making the final decision. You can judge the credibility of the digital marketing agency on two factors:


b) Portfolio

Both these factors are important to consider for determining the credibility of an online advertising agency in Kolkata. If a digital marketing firm claims themselves as experienced it doesn’t mean that their experience is relevant. So properly check their portfolio and client reviews and case studies to know more about them. Check how many years of experience they have and whether they have worked in your industry previously or not. This is because a digital marketing company that specializes in B2B marketing is not suitable for a business that is B2C focused.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, even if their portfolios are impressive, it doesn’t convey their field knowledge. Hence both these factors are important for peaking the level of authenticity and relevance.

4) Ask For a Tailored Strategy

As per promethean research, there has been a rise of 23% in the number of online advertising agencies in comparison to the year 2018 and 2019. Due to such an influx of online advertising agencies, businesses are having a tough time in selecting the right partner. Ask the agency that you are planning to hire, whether they will provide you a customised strategy that aligns with your goals or not. This will help you to select the right agency for you. If they fail to provide a customized strategy for your business then that agency is not the perfect one for your requirements. Every business has a different set of requirements and goals that must be catered to, otherwise it will not work in the long run.

There are many digital marketing agencies who present their template packages without in-depth understanding of the business. Hiring such agencies can be really harmful, because in the beginning it may work but soon it will fail.

Therefore, before hiring a digital marketing consultant in Kolkata, always ask for a customized package that perfectly suits your business and marketing goals.

5) Honesty, Transparency And Good Natured Character

Nowadays there are so many digital marketing agencies that are available, but all of them are not upto the mark. There are many agencies who do shady practices and they prioritize their own interests more than yours. So don’t go for such an agency. You can easily find out whether the agency is genuine or not by having a thorough conversation with them and with clients who have experience of working with them.

Some factors to consider:

  • Whether they are offering SEO without properly defining what you will get and how they will do it strategically
  • Whether they will perform all the task on their own proprietary hosting platform that is locked or will share the access of that platform with you freely
  • Do reviews about the firm speak to their character as human beings


Selecting the right online advertising agency in Kolkata can be quite difficult with so many agencies to choose from. But after going through this blog, hope now you know what to consider, what to avoid. These tips will help you to find the right digital marketing agency for your business that can bring your ideas to life. Always keep in mind that every business is different as is every online advertising agency, so make sure to select the perfect one suiting your requirements.