Best Email Marketing Principles

New marketers believe email marketing is ‘old school’ and not an effective marketing strategy since you have tens of other marketing channels.

While email marketing is not converting to lead easily like before, it does not mean it’s not effective.

The fact is that people now spend more time on social media and can connect to family, friends and businesses on social media and other channels better than email.

However, if you want to get results with email marketing and outreach, there are important things to do to get result, this is not a rocket science but fact-based approaches, says chaktty.

Set Your Own Goals

What do you want to achieve with the email marketing?

Of course, you must not neglect your own goals when looking at your customers.

After all, it’s of no use to you if you make your customers happy but don’t reach your goal yourself, for example, selling your offers.

Regardless of financial goals, you should always have other goals as well.

For example, I really want my clients to move forward and achieve their goals.

It’s also important to me that this happens with methods that correspond to my values.

The point is that you listen to yourself and think carefully about your goals, desires and values.

This “information” then also flows into the e-mail series.

You have to be absolutely clear about what you want to achieve in order to achieve it!

You should definitely take with you. You (and your customer) will only be satisfied in the long run if you act in accordance with your values and achieve your (financial) goals.

The Good Email Marketing Principles

Email marketing has been around for a while. Of course, some strategies have proven themselves and other strategies have remained rather unsuccessful.

If you know the proven strategies, some questions can be clarified in advance that are important for an effective email series.

  • What should I write?
  • How many emails do I need?
  • When and how often do I make my offers?
  • How often should my emails be sent?
  • How long should my emails be?

These are questions that can be answered “rather absolutely”.

You can save a lot of time and money by using the proven strategies and principles!

How can you start your e-mail series in a meaningful way?

If you look at the criteria, you actually already have the 3 areas you need to deal with in order to write effective email series. – But what does that mean specifically for you?

In my experience, everything starts with your customer.

Only if you understand exactly what your customer needs/wants/wants can you hope for success.

You Can Then Answer the Above Questions Like This

What should I write? – What interests your customer and accompanies him to your next offer. -Answer the question: “What content is my customer interested in right now?” and text him exactly that.

How many emails do I need? – As many as necessary for your customer to reach their goal. -Answer the question: What is my customer’s next step? (Until the goal is reached.)

When and how often do I make my offers? – At the end of the email marketing series, when you have guided your customer to the offer in a meaningful way, or in other words, exactly when it fits.

– Answer the question: Is my offer now the next logical step? – Then it’s your turn.

How often should my emails be sent? – At intervals that make sense for your customer. – Answer the question: When does my customer need the new info from the next email?

How long should my emails be? – As long as you need to explain the subject of the email well. -Answer the questions: Is the topic easy to understand? …and…Can I delete superfluous parts?


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