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The origin of internet has resulted to build and interconnect the world by using a single screen. Slowly but steadily it picked up its pace and took off in the year 1991, when the World Wide Web became known to the world.  Later, in the year 1997, we welcomed the first ever social media site called as the Six Degrees, which was called as the golden era Facebook. With the years progressing we welcomed innovation and creativity, by getting introduced to other social media portals such as Facebook, Friendster, Myspace, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter etc. which helped stay connected to the world. Below you can find some digital marketing agencies.

In the 21st century, we start off our days by scrolling through our social media platform, be it as one wakes up, or eats their breakfast or even when they hit the road.

In this era and time, it’s all about going digital, where both social media and digital media play a very important part. Now the question that arises is want is the difference between social media marketing and digital media marketing?

In social media marketing strategy  it’s all about using various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter etc. to reach your target audience A digital marketing campaign include various digital means such as internet advertising, mobile ads, TV commercials or SMS etc. to increase their brand visibility 


Social media is a powerful tool that needs to be tapped. It helps to increase awareness and branding and networking of your product or services or your Brand. 

What Do You Mean By Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

  • SMM refers to using social media portals to spread a word about a particular brand, by using techniques and strategies to increase brand visibility and gain awareness. 
  • SSM focuses on a particular target audience i.e. targeting a particular segment to promote and create brand awareness. 
  • It concentrates on customer feedback and customer acquisition.
  • Also creates content that would captivate the audience and leave an imprint in their minds.

Social media marketing is nothing but using online modes to reach out or capture the market and penetrate into it.

Digital media marketing campaign :

  • It is a much more comprehensive approach and more focused when it comes to promoting any specific product or service.
  • Choices of marketing modes are selective along with a fixed pre-determined budget for the same.
  • Strong visual and engagement mechanism is preferred.
  • It is strictly objective driven.

How Is Social Media Blended With Digital Marketing?

  • With the help of SWOT Analysis, it’s been declared that digital marketing modes. Especially social media marketing will soon replace traditional marketing styles and techniques.
  • As per the survey conducted, Email marketing is one of the fast growing means of digital marketing.
  • Easy access to data with authentic websites to provide you with information.
  • Faster way of formation of a network that help in channelizing information.
  • 24/7 availability of data makes it very approachable. 
  • Social media helps to connect with customers whereas email marketing helps to maintain the brand presence in the customers mind.

How Does Digital Marketing Help Small Businesses/SME’s/Startup’s ?

Small business/ start-up/ small and medium enterprise need a platform in order to penetrate into the market and to compete with market leaders. Along with firm competition, financial budgeting also needs to be addressed. In order to create a brand presence in the market, these organizations need to use stronger marketing strategies and campaign. And what’s better than going digital! One needs to join hands with the best digital marketing agency that would help you reach your targets. 

By going digital, these organizations can increase their brand visibility 5x more than other ways but before going through with that it needs to follow a procedure:

  1. Decide your target audience that would be highly interested with your service or product.

By reaching out to your target audience you would not only generate higher Rate Of Return  but also increase visibility amongst the one who would participate in the sale.

  1. Formulate a strategy or a campaign; this includes budgeting and brain storming about ways to make the ends meet.
  2. Implementation, which is all about creating awareness 

It’s a myth when people say, that digital platforms work the best for established organizations, as penetration into a new segment becomes very easy. This is to an extent true, as established organizations already have made their mark and it will take a little longer for the smaller ones to reach to that level, nevertheless it’s one of the best and feasible ways to create awareness.


  • Increases ROI, i.e. Revenue of the organization
  • Highly feasible way of creating awareness 
  • Generates customers and leads

Things to be kept in mind while approaching a digital marketing agency:

  1. Do your researches well and short list at least 4-5 digital marketing agency which serve small businesses? As strategies used in different agency at different hierarchy are very different.
  2. Start striking off those digital marketing agency which do not fit well with your vision and budget 
  3. As mentioned earlier, do an extensive research before finalizing, and select those digital marketing agency which have a good track history when it comes to providing digital marketing services.
  4. Make sure that they have previously worked with organization with similar vision. 
  5. Finalize the one which fits your vision, mission, budget properly.

Best Digital Marketing Agencies For Small Businesses

1. WebX

They are one of the top digital marketing agencies, which create a unique campaign for each of their clients and help them generate as many leads as possible. They also offer services like reputation management, conversion rate optimization, etc. which help in the growth of small businesses. On average, their revenue generation stand between 23% to 91%.

2. Blu Mint Digital

Is one of the best digital marketing agencies. Their motto of “let us take care of it” says it all, which give  sense of understanding between the organization and the agency, where their sole target is to increase the lead generation and penetrate into the market.

3. Ironpaper

Without any doubts Ironpaper is one of the best digital marketing agencies for small businesses. It focuses on overall growth of the small businesses. Its offices are situated in New York and North California. They believe in providing personalized strategies which will help the organization grow.

4. Tactical 

5. Digital Third Coast 

6. Webitmd 

7. Custom creative

8. Promodo