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Are you looking for ways to increase your virtual team’s efficiency? Is it getting harder for you to handle remote workers? Employing an employee monitoring software will be the best-case scenario for you. It does take a lot of effort trying to manually manage virtual teams. But when you have such an efficient hello hand, nothing is that difficult anymore!Do you want to know how the right tracker can help your business reach great productivity levels? This blog will uncover all the stellar benefits of time trackers to boost your workforce to the maximum.

6 Benefits of Time Trackers in Virtual Teams

Paying Employees on Time

Making accurate payments to employees is the bedrock of every professional relationship. Now, with virtual employees, there is a chance that you could be paying them by the hour. To do this efficiently, you need to know more than just their clock in and clock out timings. As an employer or project head, you will need to know exactly what they do during their work hours. Having the help of the best time tracking app will make sure you are not overpaying or underpaying an employee. There have been many situations where employers have remained in the dark regarding remote workers’ activities. Sometimes deadlines have been pushed, high priority tasks remained incomplete along with so many other problems. When you have the help of an efficient time tracking app, these issues will become minimal.

Focus is Absolute

Let’s be honest, you cannot control employees working remotely. You have no idea what they do during work hours, the kind of research they do, or whether they browse social media sites on workdays! To solve this issue of transparency, getting help from a time tracking app will help you the best. When your remote workers get aware that what they do during billable hours is being tracked, their productivity increases. This change has been observed across many organizations. So, the tracker will undoubtedly increase your virtual team’s focus on the project.

Increased Accountability

How many times have your employee turned their hands up when asked for answers? Have they pointed fingers at other team members during the ordeal? Well, you are not the only employer going through this difficulty. Using a good app with time and motion studywill make your remote workers more accountable than before. You won’t have haphazard‘to do list’ on your hand anymore.  In place of that, your employees can fill in the exact details for the work that they did during their billable hours. When you are in a doubt, get the detailed reports from the app and it will be easier to know who was responsible for what. There won’t be any more confusion or problems of accountability in your virtual teams.

Improving Teamwork

Now, every business needs a good employee monitoring system to help run their business efficiently. When you have a virtual team, it might be difficult at times for you to arrange a meeting or organize other collaborations. To avoid these kinds of roadblocks, choosing an employee time tracking app is the best solution. You can observe clearly when your team members are available, when they log out, when they go on a break, etc. You don’t have to hassle anymore to get them together on the same platform.

Happier Employees

When you choose your business to remain virtual, you will indefinitely have happier employees. It has been proven via various studies that employees will do the same amount of tasks happier when sitting in the comfort of their home. They want to avoid the traffic, unhealthy office canteen food, and so much more. Keeping your business virtual will make sure you don’t see grumpy faces anymore. Also, your employees will become more willing to work on urgent tasks and deadlines easily. Statistics have proven that productivity gets a 30% rise in remote workers than in on-site workers. And all businesses want productivity rather than merely calling workers in traditional office settings, right?

No More Burnouts

I am not saying it’s you, but many employers do have the habit of overburdening their remote workers. Doing this for a long time will result in a decrease in productivity among your employees. However, having the right tracker installed will protect your employees from maximum work. And instead, it will make them give the best with every task assigned for the day. This is the reason why time trackers are readily accepted by remote workers.

As an employer, if you have been sceptical about employing good tracking software for your virtual teams, consider KnowYourDay. You can use any one that suits your organization’s interest. But after reading my blog, you won’t have to second guess the benefits of the app. Just get them installed and work with an efficient and quality virtual team.

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