iphone 13

There is always a lot of chatter before the new iPhone models are released. Most of the time, we have to wait and see if any of it will be true. Recently, the new iPhone 13 made its debut and hit stores on September 24. If you have Cox cable bundles, you probably caught the Apple Event live. Along with the basic iPhone 13, Apple also released iPhone 13 mini, Max, and Pro Max.   

Apple went all out with the camera enhancements and longer battery life. There is a new A15 chip as well that improves the speed and performance of the device. Here are some features I noticed while testing out the latest models:  

Improved Camera Hardware  

Smartphones are all about the cameras these days. Tech giants like Apple and Samsung roll out new camera features and improvements with every newer model. Apple has also majorly improved the camera hardware in the iPhone 13 models. The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max get the full update while 13 and 13 mini also see improvements.   

The cameras have a wider lens and a bigger aperture. This way, more light can get in, and you can take better pictures even in low light. There are improvements in the sensor as well and a more powerful optical zoom. The wider camera lenses allow a wider view as well, and you can capture more area with it. Apple claims that the larger sensor lets in 47% more light than the previous model.   

Cinematic Mode Video  

A great new feature that has everyone’s attention is the cinematic mode video. It is a great addition to the already amazing new cameras. The feature allows you to shoot videos with a Hollywood-style rack focus. It means that you can shoot a person in focus while the rest of the background is blurred out. When your subject looks at something, the focus will automatically shift there. It might not be the most practical for everyday use, but it sounds so much fun!  

The eye-catching feature is a great software improvement for the camera. Moreover, the iPhone 13 is great for macro photography as well. The wider lenses recognize when you are trying to focus something too close to the camera. They shift to macro-mode, and it results in much better picture quality.  

Increased Storage for Base Models  

Apple has always been a little stingy with the storage capabilities of its base models. The iPhone 12 and 12 mini had 64 GB storage in their entry-level models. Apple has taken care of it with the iPhone 13 as the new base model comes with 128 GB of storage. You can get the base model and still have enough storage capability. It was a much-needed upgrade, and Apple really came through with this one. You can upgrade the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max up t 1 TB of storage. The prices are high for that upgrade, but it might be worth it.   

Longer Battery Life  

The previous models had one big con – the battery time. Apart from the iPhone 12 Pro Max, all the other variants had a shorter battery time. Apple probably knew this flaw as they have improved battery sizes for all the newer models. The bigger battery sizes and better performance because of the A15 Bionic chip really set the new models apart. It means that the iPhone 13 models have a longer battery life than their previous counterparts. The iPhone 13 might even be one of the best in battery life rankings among all smartphones.   

No Touch ID  

There is no touch ID feature in the iPhone 13. However, it does include the face ID option and passcode to unlock your phone. It can be an inconvenience in a world where wearing face masks is the new normal. You can have trouble unlocking your phone with the face ID and will eventually have to put in a passcode.   

Apple is trying to add the touch ID feature to the iPad 9. So, it is a little disappointing that it hasn’t made it to the iPhone. Apple may or may not fix this, but we can hope to get rid of face masks sooner rather than later.  

No Fast Charging  

While Android phones take leaps forward into the fast-charging world, Apple is still aloof. There have been no updates or improvements to the phone’s charging speed. While many phones such as the OnePlus 9 series make this a selling point, Apple doesn’t care enough. The iPhone is a speed demon in many aspects, but it still doesn’t offer fast charging. 

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