Google gravity

Google is an ocean which contains an infinity of knowledge and shares that infinity of knowledge with an infinity of people per second. Along with knowledge, it also has relaxable google tricks which create fun for you. Among all those tricks, google gravity is the most known trick. But along with google gravity, we have few alternatives to generate fun.

So are you excited to know all those exciting alternatives? If yes, read on more. Before going to alternatives, first, let us see about google gravity.

Google Gravity:

Google gravity will remember a great scientist called Sir Isaac Newton. Yes, he said due to gravity apple is falling down on him. Similarly, if you type the word “google gravity” and press enter option. You can observe all the letters on the page will fall downloaded completely. You can move all those letters from one place to another with all those fall words. Trust me, it will reduce your stress and make you laugh and relax.

So this trick is the best trick known by most people. But we have a few alternatives to this google gravity that adds more fun.

Do a Barrel Roll:

“Do a barrel roll” is one of the craziest alternatives. You feel surprised and happy. Simply when you type a word as “Do a Barrel roll” in google. Then press your enter button, turning your entire screen page into 360 degrees. Basically, with our naked eye, we may not see, but you can see how your page is turned 360 degrees through this trick.


Another enjoyable and craziest alternative is Askew. Trust me; it is also one of the stress busters. So when you type the word “Askew” in google. Press enter button then you can see that your whole page bends slightly, especially towards your right side.

Green Hill Zone:

It is also one of the excellent alternatives for having fun. Green hill zone is the most known and loved trick by 19’s kids. Sonic the Hedgehog’s are the creators of this green hill zone. The greenery around, all forest animals, cliffs, etc., will attract you more to the game. All kids to older people will really enjoy playing this game.

So to enjoy this type, the word “Green hill zone” in google. Press your enter button. Then happily play this game.


Another best alternative to add more fun is “Anagram”. So to enjoy this trick, typing as “Anagram” in google. Then Press your enter button then it will display like “did you mean:  nag a ram”. Hahaha, how funny google asking when you search like those terms.

Zerg Rush:

Another perfect alternative is Zerg Rush. It was designed in 1998 and is a classic video game. When you enter the word “Zerg rush” in google, press enter button then you will see yellow and red colour circles on the page. These two colours will disappear from everything on the page. Finally, it will form a shape like “GG”.

Google Doodles:

Another refreshable alternative is google doodles. It grabs more attention from us with its beautiful features. So to enjoy this beautiful trick, go to google. Then enter the word “google doodles”. Press your enter button and select one of those to enjoy.


Practically we need to press the space bar button to give space. But have you ever known that we can get space without clicking on the space bar? Feeling exciting and shocked! So to experience this go to google and enter the word “kerning”. You can see a lot of spacing between letter to letter on that search page.

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub:

It is the stress removal alternative and most lovable trick on the google “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub” is a known nonsensical phrase by a famous person called Rick. If you try to check “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub” on a Google search page, it creates fun around you by asking in return “, did you mean: I am in great pain, please help me”. Hahaha. How funny our Google is asking us and showing caring for us.


I hope you get information regarding all other alternatives, which will add more fun. Trust me, all these Google tricks remove your mood swings and relax and laugh.