smart window air conditioner

Let’s get straight into what is a smart window air conditioner does in order to help you make your air conditioner intelligent in a matter of minutes!

The beginning of summer can bring you a sense of excitement about the parties and fun However, there’s an uninteresting aspect: the increasing cost of cooling. When temperatures reach the top, you can’t resist watching your energy bills go up using your standard window air conditioning. You can, however, reduce your costs by switching to a window air conditioner that will increase your comfort and save energy.

It’s not necessary to require investing thousands of dollars in an entirely new window air conditioner. You can turn your outdated windows AC unit smart, and enjoy all the benefits an intelligent AC can provide without breaking the budget.

What makes a Window Conditioner smart?

If you’re not aware of intelligent air conditioners you may be asking what they are and why you should think about changing the window AC smart.

Every smart air conditioner is able to connect to WiFi. This allows users to manage and control your AC unit using an app on your mobile. You can switch your air conditioner off or on and change the temperature, check the humidity level, as well as change the fan speed or mode via your phone.

Smart window AC offers you to have more features than a standard window AC. For instance, you could schedule timers as well as daily schedules to control your home’s climate by keeping specific temperatures at certain times throughout the day.

Additionally the smart window ACs could be connected to smart home hubs that are smart like Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa and SmartThings. This lets you control the air conditioner using voice commands.

For more information on the advantages and functions that smart air conditioners offer take a look at this article.

How to make Your Window Air Cooler Smart?

If you have an air conditioner for your window you’re aware of how the remote functions only at a specific angle or distance and you must stand up each time you have to adjust the temperature. What’s the best part? No more with the smart window air conditioning!

It is possible to upgrade your Window AC and not spend a lot of money. The main question to ask to answer is: How?

Two ways that you can benefit from smart windows AC unit. You can do this by combining it with an intelligent AC controller or making use of an intelligent plug. Let’s get into the intricacies of both options and which is the best choice for you!

1. Create your Window AC Smart with Smart AC Controller

Affording thousands of dollars for an expensive AC unit with clever features isn’t a good idea even if you already have windows AC.

You can turn your regular window air conditioner more efficient by combining it with the smart AC Controller. Also known in the context of windows AC thermostat this smart device lets you transform your window air conditioner more intelligent, providing hands-free control and even automating the climate of your home.

The smart controller utilizes infrared signals for communication with your air conditioner’s window. It functions as an ordinary remote, but with lots of extra options. Since it’s Wi-Fi compatible it lets you control the window air conditioner from nearly any place. You can control it via the mobile app or the web-based application.

Cielo Breez Smart AC Controllers for instance come with a variety of advanced features that bring comfort and ease to the higher level. They do not just provide temperature control, but also with the humidity sensors built into them it is also possible to control humidity levels in your home..

Specifications of Cielo’s Smart AC Controllers

Let’s take a look at the amazing options Cielo Breez smart AC controllers include, which makes your air conditioner’s window smart and efficient without any further delay!

  • Global Control

The greatest benefit of an app-controlled window air conditioner is that you are able to control the temperature from your smartphone even when you’re in a group or in a different part of the world. Therefore, next time you go out you’re out, you’ll not have that small heart attack when you’re heading to work and then realize that you didn’t shut off the AC. Remember that keeping your AC running throughout the day can be a significant expense and a lot of slip-ups will add up to monthly expenses.

It is a good thing that you are able to cut down on your AC expenses by using a smart AC controller as you are able to constantly control it, even traveling. You can choose different modes and adjust the temperature globally. Global control is especially beneficial when you’re away on vacation and have to enable the Freeze Protection mode to keep pipe freezing.

  • Geofencing

If you’re not keen on the inconvenience of turning the AC on and off frequently throughout the day, geofencing is your top choice. The feature makes use of the location of your device to turn your AC off or on. For instance, you may define a perimeter and when you leave the predefined zone, your AC is turned off. If you come back within the area the home air conditioner can come on automatically. This is not just convenient but also efficient in terms of energy consumption.

  • Weekly Scheduling

Are you fed up of the constant fluctuating temperatures and needing to adjust the settings of your air conditioner for different time during the day? With weekly schedules you can create temperatures that will keep you comfortably all day long. There are different settings for night and day as well as be different for weekends and weekdays according to your schedule.

  • Soft Mode

If you’re in the Comfy Mode You decide the rules for your air conditioner and the AC then will turn off or on without compromising peace of mind. You can create intelligent triggers that completely automatize your home’s climate according to your preference for temperature as well as humidity.

This means that you can choose a temperature or humidity range. When the temperature or humidity level drops or rises over the set limit then your AC will begin to keep the settings you prefer.

If, for instance, you wish for your room’s temperature to remain between 70F and 73F, the AC will only be running only if the temperature rises either above or below these figures. You can program your AC to switch to cool mode when temperatures rise higher than 72F. In the same way, it’ll turn off if the temperatures fall below 70F.

  • Voice Commands

Modern technology has created possibilities that previously were only imaginable. One of these is smart home assistant. You can connect the Cielo Breez smart controller with any smart home system, and operate it with your voice.

All you need just join your air conditioner to Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, Siri and Google Home Assistant. You can also instruct your AC to switch on a particular mode, adjust the temperature or even change the speed of the fan using voice commands.

How to pair your Window Unit to an Intelligent AC Controller

If you’ve recently purchased a new window AC here’s a comprehensive guide on the installation of window air conditioners.

  • If you are using it, the first step is to install of the smart AC controller.
  • The device should be placed within the direct line of sight in your air conditioner’s window. It includes an adjustable table stand as well as a wall-mounted stand. You can pick the one you want according to your preference.
  • Be sure that your device is located between 6 and 12 feet, and within the line of view of your windows AC system.
  • It is Cielo Breez intelligent AC controller is powered by the 5V adapter (included in the box) or connected wire (12V and 24V).
  • Be sure to be connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Get this Cielo Home application and then open it.
  • Press the sign-up link and enter the necessary information.
  • Once you’ve successfully logged in, be at the home screen.
  • Then, connect your smartphone to Wi-Fi according to the instructions provided on the screen of the app.
  • If the circle that surrounds the device is green, tap it to set up windows AC remote control. Follow the instructions provided on the application.
  • Congratulations. Your standard window AC is equipped with an own thermostat with all the functions of a smart air conditioner at the tips of your finger.

Check out the comprehensive user’s guide here if you require assistance in to set up your device.

2. Make use of Window AC Smart Plugs

The other method to make windows AC smart is through the use of an intelligent plug. In contrast to an AC controller the smart plug is an accessory that provides only a small amount of control over your home’s climate.

A smart plug works just like every other plug, with the exception that it’s Wi-Fi-enabled. It is possible to connect to a smart AC plug to the window AC. In the beginning, you connect the window unit to an intelligent plug, and after that, you connect the smart socket to your socket. Now, you must configure the smart plug’s mobile app.

Once you’ve completed the installation process, you can select to either switch on or off your AC using the application for smart plugs. In addition, if you have several ACs equipped with smart plugs you can control them all by separating these into different groups. You can create schedules with the smart plug app and the AC will switch on and off according to a specific time.

If you own smart home technology that you are able to connect your smart plug into this and switch your windows air conditioner on or off using an audio command. This is all quite effortless and simple, but there are some downsides.

A Window AC’s drawbacks Smart Plug

Smart plugs don’t work with many ACs. It is possible to test this by conducting a small test prior to buying. When you turn on your AC then pull the plug off of the socket, wait for a few seconds and then plug it back into. If your AC doesn’t turn on automatically, intelligent AC plugs aren’t suitable for you.

The reason is the way in which your AC or smart plug function. The smart plug operates by cutting off power and turning the AC off. It’s similar to plugging in and disconnecting an appliance from the socket. To protect yourself the default setting for the majority of modern ACs are off. If you decide to shut off your AC by using the smart plug. It’ll cause an abrupt loss of power and the memory stored by your AC will be gone. If you don’t turn on your AC on via a remote controller, the AC won’t start up using a smart plug. Therefore your smart AC plug is likely to fail.

Contrary to smart AC controllers the smart plug cannot connect to your AC. This means that you can’t create modes or utilize features such as geofencing.

These plugs are less effective however, they’re not reliable either. Furthermore, many of them pose dangerous since they could result in frying your appliance. You should also be aware when choosing a plug that is able to meet the requirements for your air conditioning unit. If you are looking to improve the efficiency of your window air conditioner really efficient and energy efficient then the smart plugs aren’t a not the best option.

Take Away

Window air conditioners can be great for cooling in the summer. It is possible to connect your window unit to the latest AC controller to enjoy the benefits of a smart device. This will allow you to have a controlled room temperature and cut down on AC expenses. Smart plugs can also be an alternative, however they provide only a limited amount of control and pose dangers to the air cooling system. Overall this is the best time to make your standard window AC more efficient to ensure the best summer possible.

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