UPSC exams

UPSC exams are one of the most prestigious exams ever to be conducted in India. Lakhs of students take this exam of which only a few qualify to become IAS officers. Hence it should be understood that it is not an easy exam. Much effort needs to be put in to achieve the score needed to pass this exam. 

The exam is conducted in three parts which are prelim, main, and the interview. The prelim and the main are the written exams for which the UPSC IAS has already established an outline for its syllabus. The interview on the other hand is the only part that does not have any visible guidelines from the UPSC. Hence to prepare well for these UPSC exams, guidance is required.

Students should start preparing for the exam way before it takes place and during this time the only place, and in the meantime, they can also look for a coaching centre. However, a coaching centre should come with great benefits for all types of students like ones who can attend it physically and also those who can’t. 

Now as for that this article has brought the Best Online IAS Coaching centre for UPSC preparation in Delhi which is Shri Ram IAS Study Centre.

What is The Shri Ram IAS Study Centre?

Shri Ram is ranked as the best coaching institute in the year 2022 and is a well-known name for UPSC exam preparation. Students can get affordable exam IAS training that helps them overcome the mains and prelim of the IAS examination. Students are also provided with video-based revised classes and offline test series by the institute. The institute also claims to provide the best study materials to the students.


Individual approaching and small batches:

These are one of the factors that makes them the greatest coaching in Delhi. The number of students in each batch is 40. This allows the faculty to pay attention to every student, guide them properly and track their performance to check their performance. 

Learned faculty:

This institute has an experienced faculty for its students. They have hired the best teachers in the industry. There are about 10 teachers for subjects such as polity, history, geography, economy, science and tech, ethics, CSAT, social issues, international relations, internal security, etc.

Test series:

Test series are crucial in preparation for the UPSC exams. The institute prepares a test series that is in conjunction with the changing civil services exam patterns. They also create an examination environment for students to help them cope with real exam situations.


The institute offers three types of tests. Test series NCERT pattern which is 50 in number, test series based on the upgraded pattern which is also 50 in number, and 20 full fledged test series for prelims.


A panel of industry experts of UPSC prepares the test series for the main exam. The quality of the test series is appreciated by the entire IAS fraternity. These tests are available once the students get enrolled in this institute.

Study material:

To pass the exam, it is important to provide students with the best study materials. The study materials are prepared by experts and are relevant for the students. As per the changing pattern of UPSC Exams & Syllabus, the study materials are constantly updated.

Current affairs:

This is the kind of a subject that does not have an outline for its course and is very essential for the exams. In this institute regular discussions under the supervision of the faculty take place. The interactive sessions take place which focuses on all the current affairs and students are allowed to express themselves. A booklet is also offered which covers all the current affairs. 

Mock interview:

The final round of the exam is the interview that determines the success of the student. The institute provides mock interviews for clear guidance of the students and personal sitting with the experts. The mock is a practice that allows students to build attributes that the IAS Panel looks for in students. Analytical ability, lateral thinking, logical thinking, and decision-making are all included in it.

Weekend classes:

The institute offers these classes for those who have a job and are unable to attend on a daily basis. There isn’t much of a difference in the course taught between the regular and the weekend one. The weekend classes are conducted only on Sundays and Saturdays.

Fully-furnished infrastructure:

An important aspect of the institute is the infrastructure. For the best learning, a healthy environment is necessary. Shri Ram provides a well-maintained and ventilated air-conditioned room for the students. Many other facilities are also provided to the students in all possible ways. 

Affordable fee:

Stays in Delhi can be expensive and on top of that looking for affordable coaching can be hard for some people. Shri Ram IAS has pledged to make the IAS dream come true for all sections of society, especially the lower-income group. The institute has designed a fee structure that allows people from all different backgrounds to come and avail their education. So all those who aim to become an IAS/IPS officer should come and join the academy. 

Hostel facility:

The hostel facilities are provided to the students as per their request. Booking of the hostel rooms and their stay cost is very minimal and it gives the students an environment where like-minded students are available. The thought process of the students is developed and helps them understand the perception of other IAS aspirants as well.


Shri Ram has an amazing faculty and has helped many students. This article has provided all the information one needs to know about the Best IAS Coaching in Delhi. We hope that this might be useful for the one reading it.