Warehouse management software

Warehouse management software helps the companies manage their supply chain when it gets too much for them to handle manually. WMS helps optimize warehousing and distribution channels with everyday planning, organizing and controlling tasks with the available resources to store, move and dispatch them. The software monitors every warehousing activity from interest of goods in the warehouse until they get dispatched. It includes the picking process, auditing and inventory management. The software helps in reducing paper work which results in less manual work resulting in fewer errors. Warehouse management software is most used third party logistics (3PL)

Why Should we Have Warehouse Management?

Warehouse inventory management software helps optimize the floor space available in the warehouse by considering the task and materials. optimized management can help reduce the cost of material movement and the time consumed in finding the goods. By planning the best place store the goods, equipments and materials can help reduce the operating cost of the company, by using warehouse inventory management software you can have a clear visibility of your inventory which can help you timely order the goods running out of stock and know which stocks have the most movement and you can avoid over ordering goods.

A good WMS has labor integration which can assign tasks on daily bases and can even monitor their work progress. With everything automated the time consuming works can be done easily increasing the efficiency of labors as labor cost is the highest cost the company incur in warehousing. Warehousing is a vital part of a company’s supply chain. If it is optimized efficiently the whole supply chain can easily forecasted and the goods can reach customers quicker. With everything automated the work process can speed up picking , packing, pict to voice, sensors and barcoding. With constant up gradation and innovation in the software it keeps on increasing the efficiency of the company. If a warehouse is cloud based, a company can easily manage its warehouse operations from anywhere and anytime and with one or more warehouses all the datas can be stored on cloud for better company’s growth.

Inventory Tracking

The software helps tracking the real time stocks, with barcode scanning and systematic display of goods. Along with automated identification and data capture radio frequency identification one can easily maintain and run their warehouse smoothly.

Receiving and Keeping Goods

With such features it gets easier for workers to find the inventory when needed. They have pick to light or pick to voice future which can help the worker find them easily without wasting time in finding them manually. With this one can easily record the inventory availability which can help the business to not go out of stock or over stock.


The system can easily bill the goods which are being shipped, it helps in generating invoices and lists of products which are being packed and sent. The receiver can even track their shipment as they get the shipment receipt in advance.

Labor Management

This helps the company’s manager to monitor the workers performance, this can help to know which workers are working above the bar or below the bar.

Reporting and Forecasting

This feature helps in managing the stock placement, available space in the warehouse, storage duration these can help in controlling the stock level and maximize the use of space available in the warehouse this way the company can be ready for the market peak times and holidays.


This is a must in this software as with integration with other softwares the business can run more smoothly as when integrated with logistic management the pick, pack and shipping from warehouse can easily be monitored.

With the ability of integrating with other softwares is one of the  biggest advantages this software offers, if not used efficiently this will be underutilization of this technology. The software allows innumerable integrations with different softwares and hardwares, but there are few integrations which are must and more useful than other integrations.

Accounting and ERP Integration

Having only warehouse management software won’t allow the business to run at its full efficiency, being integrated with other softwares can help them reach their maximum efficiency, only 28% of 3PL uses accounting integration in their software. Accounting integration can help you generate bills sonner which can help you receive the payment much sooner, the more time you take to create an invoice and bill the more it will take to receive the payment.

Shopping Carts and Marketplace Integration

Shopping carts integration is a must in the era of ecommerce in trend. With ecommerce growing the integration of shopping carts is must as it helps improve the efficiency by streamlining the orders. This integration helps you to connect your ecommerce channels with your WMS to communicate easily about your orders and available inventory.  Taking orders over phone calls and manually adding them in your spreadsheet can be a real task. This software integration makes it much easier.

EDI Integration

EDI refers to electronic data interchange, shopping cart enables communication with other softwares, EDI helps to exchange data and document exchange between retailers, manufacturers and warehouses. The documents which are mostly shared with this integration are mainly purchase orders, shipments and advance shipping notice. EDI helps increase the warehouse efficiency by automated transactions which would have to be done manually which might be time consuming and prone to errors.

Mobile Barcode Scanning

Mobile barcode scanning is the only hardware software integration which is most used. The ones who are using it know how efficient this is and how error free the work gets done. When integrated with WMS it reduces the manual work as scanning of barcodes can help you enter the inputs of inventory, you can even scan while you are packing and even when you’re shipping the goods and can record the weight and quantity to calculate the shipping fees accordingly. Writing down all the SKUs, serial codes manually can lead to many errors. This integration can help you save time and errors.

Schedule Rooms

You rent out office space and you need to schedule rooms for your clients. Your clients don’t always show up on time, or they may be late because they are running from another meeting. You have a lot of empty rooms and no one to fill them.

Use deskflex room scheduling software to automatically schedule your office spaces and communicate with your clients about their schedules.

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