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The HTTP protocol is vital for hassle-free communication between customers and servers. It does not track any information and request by clients and services. There are different methods for monitoring the data to eliminate the issue. Cookies and Local Storage plays a vital role to keep the track record of all data provided by the client for various purposes.

Different websites use Cookies and Local Storage to store information on several web pages. The core difference is that cookies save on the client-side, and local storage stores information on the browser. Apart from it, there are lots of differences between both of them. Keep on reading to learn why it is critical for web developers and the difference between Local Storage and Cookies:

Local Storage:

If you are looking for the best method to store information on the user’s desktop, you can consider Local Storage. It enables critical sets saving in web browsers and keep information for a more extended period. They don’t have an expiration date for data storage that keep you in peace of mind. In addition, HTML5 and JavaScript let you access LocalStorage.

The customer can quickly clear the browser cache or data to delete entire local storage data. Web storage can view as a development on cookies, which offers maximum storage space. It has a read-only interface so you can access the document’s local storage item. If the page session ends, you can clear local storage data. It means that the web page should close and removes while the most recent private browser tab closes.

The Prevalent Storage Format

The prevalent storage format is DOMStrings, and it utilizes UTF-16 to encode data. It uses different bytes for every character, and the string generates robotically from the digit key. The information stored in the LocalStorage is particular to the file’s procedure. When a web page loads through HTTP protocols, Local Storage ensues various items.

Documents load from the file, and requirements for behaviour are unclear. It might differ amongst various web browsers. Every file displays to return multiple objects using the Local Storage in the current web browser URL. It looks like cases of each URL and document consuming its local storage space. When the file remains unclear, the behaviour cannot guarantee.

Web browsers can change how they handle records at any time. Here are some methods of Local Storage that should know about every web developer:

  • setItem() procedure takes different parameters and stores the value in a specific location. One is keys, and another parameter is value. You can use the critical name for storing the value.
  • removeItem() allow you to eliminate the information stored in the memory
  • getItem() method takes one parameter is key, used for obtaining value stored in the key name.
  • With the clear() method, you can erase all data stored in the LocalStorage.


Cookies are small files stored on the desktop of the client. It holds lower information at the larger file size. In addition, cookies utilize many methods like user’s sign up details, storing the web page visited on the website, and much more. There are numerous terms for cookies, including web cookies, internet cookies, HTTP cookies and more. The website sends some data set to the client’s desktop in cookies when they visit a new site.

Besides, the cookie aids the web page for keeping track of the customer’s browsing history if they visit their website. They only store string type data, and the user can disable or enable cookies based on their needs. The cookie modifies users’ experience according to the limited browsing history on the website.

Different Kinds of Cookies

Cookies consist of the session and persistent cookies. A persistent cookie has an expiry date, stores the data on the users’ disk until the expiration date, and deletes it permanently. It uses in different activities like recording users’ habits when specific sites modify their experience whenever they visit.

The session cookie does not have an expiration date to store the information for a more extended period. Remember, they only store data if the web browser opens. When the web browser closes, they lose information permanently. The Session cookie uses to hold the credential of banking users. When they navigate the bank site, their data will delete faster once the tab closes.

Develop Cookies in PHP

You must utilize the setcookie() function to build the cookies with PHP. The setcookie function should appears before <html> tag. Let’s see syntax:

  • setcookie(name, expire, secure, path, value, http only, domain);

The only name dispute necessary to resolve is syntax, and other processes are optional.

Key Difference Between Local Storage vs Cookies 

Before choosing the storage options for your app development, you should know everything about cookies and local storage that serves various purposes. The most significant technical difference between these two storages is the data size the user can store. The followings are some differences between cookies and local storage:

Local Storage

  • LocalStorage storage size is 10MB
  • You can access it from any window
  • Delete it manually or javascript
  • Less number of old browsers support the local storage
  • Users can only read local storing
  • Don’t transfer information to the server


  • Cookies storage capacity is 4KB
  • Servers and clients can write and read cookies without trouble
  • It shares information with the server
  • All browsers support cookies
  • Depending on the setting, the cookies expire and function per window


Using local storage and cookies help to store the user’s data. Every storage option has some positives and negatives. So you can choose the best one for your modern web application development. Local Storage is more extensive that hold user data on the client side. Besides, cookies send the server data back with each HTTP application and store data on the desktop till it expires.

Suppose you have doubts about choosing which type of storage for your application, get in touch with JDM Web Technologies. The skilled experts will guide you to pick the proper method which fulfils your desires.

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