CRM Software

A CRM Software is a necessity in such a case since it helps in tackling the various things that one needs to do in order to be online and create a good rate of conversion with this presence. There are many implications that are handled by the best CRM software.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a small word with big implications for anyone and everyone who is doing business in this day and age. Not only are we doing business, but we are also grappling with the various realities surrounding the big data and IoT or Internet of Things. Every single business worth its salt is vying for precious online space today. This has become even more crucial ever since the pandemic has hit. After the COVID 19 pandemic and the ensuing lock down, it has been seen that there has been a huge change and an even bigger hike in the E Commerce and E Retail industry.

Implications of E Commerce and Digital Marketing

E Commerce and Digital Marketing are two separate things. While E Commerce includes selling products and services online, digital marketing is a field that includes building a presence online. Yet, both these fields use almost the same kind of tools. Whether you run a large corporation or you need CRM software for small business, there is always a need to create the right basis to build a conversion fueling presence. But, in today’s day and age, what does this mean? Here are the implications of the current environment of all things digital:

  • The lock down has led to the shut down of many businesses and their physical stores;
  • Most of these business owners have now moved online so that they can capture their audience and their attention online;
  • In order to sell online or build a presence online, businesses of all sizes are now moving online with a number of tools;
  • These tools help in finding the bottom line from all the big data that is available thanks to the numerous users who are online on various platforms like email, social media, websites and so much more;
  • This data is used to create and articulate campaigns that can help in establishing proper reach and then creating the basis for engagement;
  • This is where the top CRM software comes into play since it helps in converting this big data into metrics that would help in the efficiency of a number of functions within the marketing funnel and sales pipeline.

The best CRM software would be required in order to build a presence online – whether it is for an online store and its sales, or to bring people to the physical stores.

How Does a CRM Software Work?

At this point, many of you must be having the same question – how can the top CRM software help me and my growing business? First of all, we need to understand that every single business is a growing business since the trends in every industry are changing on a constant basis, and even faster than ever before. Secondly, one would have to filter down and find all the relevant data pertaining to one’s audience and how that audience behaves within that niche when a purchase decision has to be made. This is how the best CRM software would help you make conversions through optimum reach and engagement.

A CRM software is one that can bring your business plans to fruition by creating the right basis for you to interact with your audience. First of all, let us understand what this really means. If we are to look at the various social media channels, we will find that there are so many various ways in which people try to stay informed and connected. Now, social media platforms are also being used by brands and businesses online so that they can leverage this. In fact, social media networks provide the right tools for this to happen.

Yet, because of this, competition has also increased. So, it has become even more imperative to capture the attention that many other brands are vying for. In order to do this, you would have to stand out with not just a unique presence but a consistent one that is driven by the right data in the right places.

This also requires much organization, which can easily be done by the CRM.

1. Organization

This would be one of the foremost elements that you would get when you sign up for the top CRM software. When you go the CRM way, you can b sure that you would have a more organized front and back end – both. All the data would be captured in terms of the fields that you set for your specific business, before the same is sent forth for the various functions and the deliverables across email, social media and so much more including landing pages.

This kind of an organized approach will not only help you reach the right customers and prospects, but it will also keep your team that much more organized as well.

2. Team Work

When we go with the best CRM software, we can be sure that our teams will also function in the right way. Many businesses face the issue of matching and collaborating between the various departments and teams like content, email, marketing, sales and others. This would now become easy since each task would be lined with and an automated notification would go out to the right team member with all the information that is required for that step or task to be completed.

When this happens, the chaotic and extra communication that can lead to confusion, will be completely eliminated. Further, one can easily coordinate between various departments so that no task is missed out and no task is duplicated. This would save time and effort as well as resources like money. That is why it is crucial to choose the right CRM software for small business, since these kinds of entities require the maximum hand holding and support with automation. This would also automate many tasks so that the monotonous functions may be avoided and one may focus on their core skills and business.

This kind of team work would make it possible to also put up a rather professional front that will impress your prospects. This would also make your deliverables connected with each other rather than looking like individual deliverables with no unified call for action.

3. Insights and Reports

This is a very important part of running a business online – and one that we tend to forget and neglect in the long run, Whether we are running a business online or building a presence for our business online, we need to remember that there is a certain direction that we have to follow. Yet, who keeps a check on this direction? Who measures our performance and then matches it with the targets and goals? This is where the best CRM software comes into the picture. The CRM software is capable of generating insights and reports on a constant basis so that you can see where you are and where yo should be in the face of the targets that you have set. This will help you take the right action at the right time to correct any deviations or to even make any changes, where required.

The analysis and insights would also help you understand your customer in a far better manner, since the system will constantly show you the data pertaining to the needs and aspirations of your audience within the niche where you want to establish your brand and business. This is yet another core function of the CRM software.

You would do well to take advantage of this huge benefit of CRM since it would help in ensuring that you always have the right facts and figures when you are conducting your business or building your presence online.

4. Generating Higher Revenue

When you look at all of the above, you can see that a definite pattern would emerge. With this pattern, you would have an efficient system in place so that the conversions can become that much easier with CRM working for your business goals. The right CRM software for small business would help you generate much higher revenues since the sheer efficiency would help you make conversions with lesser use of other resources and within a shorter span of time too. This means that the time, effort and cost of helping a prospect drop from the marketing funnel into the sales pipeline and rush towards the end of the same to make a purchase would be very less indeed! This is especially crucial and helpful for a small and growing business.

Now that we have understood the basic benefits that one would get with the best CRM software, let us cast a glance on these 100 CRM platforms so that we can choose the best one for our business and its specific needs!


1. HubSpot:


This would be one of the oldest CRM software out there. It started the trend of CRM in 2006, with a number of tools that have helped many thousands of businesses along the way.

2. Mail Chimp:


Hot in the heels of HubSpot, the world was introduced to Mail Chimp which gives you some of the top CRM software features for seamless lead generation through email marketing.

3. Engage Bay:


This would be one of the best CRM software out there thanks to the fact that it offers a very wide set of features along with very reasonable pricing as well. This is a great platform for small businesses in particular.

4. Drip:


This is also a well known lead generation platform that relies mostly on a great email marketing presence through its tools, templates and the basic technology in place. Drip is also quite well priced for most business sizes.

5. Ontraport:


This is an upcoming platform that will help you accelerate your sales pipeline movement with the help of all the data that it captures in the back end for you. This platform is also good for sending some well designed emails with many templates in its library.

6. Send in Blue:


Send in Blue is a well known platform that helps you put together a database of leads and send them emails in a regular loop by way of a campaign. This platform gives you many tools and technologies for lead scoring as well.

7. Active Campaign:

Active Campaign

This is also a well known CRM platform that gives you plenty of tools for proper lead generation and lead scoring. Your team can collaborate here to put together campaigns and email marketing drives as well.

8. AWeber:


This CRM software will help you get your information organized in terms of the exact functions that would require the right set of facts and figures. With this platform, you can build better email campaigns for lead generation.

9. Membrain:


As an award winning platform, this is one of the best CRM software’s out there for you and your business. It can power the lead generation side of your business needs and help you with lead scoring as well.

10. Streak:


Streak is a good automation tool that can help you get the best out of your team with a good mix of automated and creative techniques for running lead generation and similar campaigns to grab your audience and their attention.

11. Monday:


This open platform actually helps you manage your project in a very unique way. It allows you to create the exact tools that can be used for various aspects of your business from the visual to other customized work solutions as well.

12. Close:


This CRM software for small business and other medium sized businesses is a great tool that can help you with a number of solutions to build better and more efficient teams that will bring home the kind of conversions that you need to generate higher revenue.

13. Apptivo:


As a cloud based platform, this one offers you the best of all worlds since it allows you the access from anywhere while it also protects your data and keeps you safe. This is also a very reasonably priced option since it is a cloud based one.

14. Clarity Soft:


This platform works towards creating good CRM values with its tools for better business operations inside and outside. With its data driven operations, you will always have all the support you need for reach, engagement and conversions.

15. Fresh Works:


Formerly known as Fresh Sales, this platform helps you gain all the benefits of automation so that you are able to handle your teams and direct their efforts towards seamless conversions within your chosen niche.

16. Lead Squared:


This is one of the top CRM softwares that is basically into helping you generate leads with stellar database building as well as landing pages and a number of other tools that can greatly help your vision as a business house.

17. Big Contacts:


This CRM software for small business would be the perfect fit for small and upcoming business houses that are looking to organize all their contacts and their information for better functionality across the organization and easier conversions as well.

18. Scoro:


This would be one of the better known platforms for CRM software since it helps you gain automation along with lead generation, email marketing and number of other functions as well.

19. Method CRM:

Method CRM

This is a platform where you can get all the tools to create a project that can trickle down into a number of lead regeneration deliverables like email marketing, landing pages and other such formats for engaging your database of prospects and customers.

20. Address two:

Address two

This platform will give you all the lead generation and lead scoring tools that you can bring to fruition using the email marketing templates and formats. You can also be reassured that all your information would be safe and secure as well.

21. Mothernode:


With Mothernode, you would a system that can deliver much efficiency to your project and the team that handles it or runs it. This would also include many tools for lead scoring and lead generation for your business.

22. Vendasta:


If you are looking for an E Commerce platform that delivers all the end to end services for your business to run smoothly in the digital world, then this is the automation platform for you and your team!

23. CompanyHub CRM:


This platform offers complete sales pipeline management with contacts management at the very base. With this platform, you will be able generate and management leads even as the automated CRM software qualifies them for you.

24. ConvergeHub:


This is also a well known platform that offers you integration of all platforms for seamless contact management which can be translated into email marketing and related functions for lead generation and conversions as well.

25. Wrike:


With Wrike, you will be able to create collaborative opportunities for your entire team so that you hav creative and data driven campaigns running through the length and breadth of your sales pipeline.

26. Sales Mate:


This is one of the best CRM software for small busines When you turn to Sales Mate, you get a great partner that will allow you to turn prospects into sales with a complete sales pipeline management feature for lead generation to conversion.

27. Upsales Sales and Marketing Platform:


On this platform, you will be able to bring in a professional front to impress customers and to work efficiently thanks to all the automation tools for contact management and sales pipeline management.

28. Plan Plus Online:

Plan Plus Online

This is a system that will allow you bring in a certain number of contacts per plan so that you are able to funnel them into your sales pipeline with the right automation and lead generation tools.

29. C2CRM:


This platform also allows you much automation so that the monotonous and mundane activities are removed and you can then focus on exercising the core skills of the team members to engage with your audience more smoothly and completely.

30. Odoo:


This platform is an open source one that allows you to take charge of your sales cycle even as it gives you insights and reports for your performance. This would increase the level of your sales performance and help you find even more leads than before.

31. Yeti Force:

Yeti Force

This system would allow you to create a free to use project that can be implemented throughout your sales pipeline for all the functions starting from lead generation and finally ending in effortless conversions.

32. One Page CRM:

One Page CRM

This platform allows you to integrate everything on to a single platform from where you can draw information and then send out deliverables for maximum reach and engagement.

33. Super Office:

Super Office

With Super Office, you get a tool to organize yourself and plan each of your sales pipelines as a dedicated project with your team coordinating very well indeed. The email marketing side helps you reach and engage the right prospects for conversions.

34. Zymplify:


This CRM software helps you run campaigns across a number of channels so that you can create a great base for your business. This also helps in organizing the lead generation process as well as the sales pipeline.

35. On Contact CRM:

Oncontact CRM

This is a good system or platform which can provide CRM software for small business since it brings in many tools that can help you scale up at least to the mid level area from where your segmentation becomes better.

36. Platformly:


With this platform, you will be able to organize the information and your functions in a parallel way so that the right task gets prompted with the right information in place, for the right team member to act on it until they reach the sales pipeline.

37. Sales Boom:

Sales boom

This is a cloud based system that would help you get the best of all the features at a very low price. Further, you can also gain access from anywhere, at any time in order to check progress and do your tasks as well.

38. Prospects:


With this platform, you will be able to sell more in less time. Further, this platform is best suited for those who are in the manufacturing space as well as the distribution sphere for all kinds of products.

39. AmoCRM:


On AmoCRM, you can get a number of benefits that will help you effortlessly turn leads into proper conversions through consistent and continued campaigns across a number of channels in the digital world.

40. Glean View:

Glean view

Glean View offers you a number of tools that can transform your business and change the way you work so that you can generate maximum leads and then transform those leads into conversions and revenue for your business.

41. Salesforce:


This is also a platform that can help a number of small businesses build their presence and keep their prospects engaged without spending too much money since their plans are on the affordable side.

42. Relenta:


This is one the top CRM software out there with its wide range of features and its affordable pricing. You can use this to keep your projects and sales pipeline streamlined so that you can convert people quite easily.

43. Commence:


With Commence, you can be sure that you would be able to handle your sales pipeline like a project and each prospect would get the right kind of customized and personalized attention in the form of engagement.

44. Propeller:


Here, you can build your marketing teams since you will have one of the best CRM software at your disposal. Many sales and marketing people prefer this platform because it gives them the flexibility and tools within affordable price points.

45. Solve 360:


If you are looking to solve all your business related issues, then this would be the right place to start. The tools and features have been designed in a way that will solve all your information organizing and team collaboration needs in a simple way.

46. Kizen:


When you think of your operational and administrative needs, you may be stuck for affordable solutions. Kizen offers such solutions across a number of operations including sales and marketing as well as team building and much more.

47. Team Wave:


With Team Wave, you would be able to achieve a far more effortless run through your sales pipeline with a focus on the customer rather than making things work within the team since the platform would help you coordinate well.

48. Force Manager:

Force Manager

At Force Manager, you would be able to get the best of all worlds when it comes to automation along with lead generation and management of your sales pipeline in tandem with the contact management and database building as well.

49. Team Work:


This is another platform that would help you coordinate your teams and ensure that they are able to collaborate and deliver results across a number of operations like marketing and sales, for smoother conversions.

50. Sales Box:


The features of this platform are simply geared to help you get more sales in the online space. In order to help you do this, it offers you a number of tools and features from automation to collaborative features and sales pipeline management.

51. Salez Shark:

Salez Shark

With Salez Shark, you will be able to conduct lead generation in a very focused and effortless manner. In this way, you will be able to map out every sales pipeline journey with each prospect for better conversion rates as well.

52. Agail CRM:

Agail CRM

With User, you will be able to get all the information for your marketing and sales on to one platform in a seamless manner so that you are able to achieve good conversion rates and earn far higher revenues in far less time.

53. Funnel:


The name says it all since Funnel helps in putting prospects through your marketing funnel so that the right ones can drop down into your sales pipeline for better conversions and better chances of retaining prospects for re sells, up sells and cross sells.

54. FreeCRM:

Free CRM

This is a platform that offers you the tools for free use until you are managing just 100 contacts. Thereafter, you have to pay a small fee of almost $25 in order to start using the various plans for automation and lead generation as well as email marketing.

55. Karma CRM:

Karma CRM

If you are looking for the perfect CRM software for a small business, then Karma CRM would help you in this task since it offers you a range of features that are best suited for sales pipeline management for smaller businesses and their small teams.

56. Sales Nexus:


This is a sales and marketing automation platform that would help you get right to the top when it comes to your lead generation and lead scoring game. Here, you can be sure that your email marketing efforts will bring your conversion rates up.

57. Zoho CRM Plus:

Zoho CRM

This is one of the top CRM software out there. When you think of automation and team work together, you think of features that offer you support as well as flexibility. Zoho delivers on both fronts.

58. Vcita:


This CRM software is geared to make your business life much better thanks to all the automation with which you can direct your team to put in their core efforts towards the actual conversions rather than the related activities which are also quite mundane.

59. Client Tether:

Client Tether

This platform ensures that you are always ready to hook the client across multiple channels with the right kind of deliverables, back by solid data and with the complete collaboration of an organized team and information in the right places.

60. Honey Book:

Honey book

This is another well known system that can help you conduct lead generation with much ease. You will also be able to get your email marketing campaigns in place so that your prospects can be organized into your sales pipeline.

61. Covve Intelligent Address Book:


How many physical address books can you keep? Even when you save the contacts on your phone, you cannot find the right contacts at the right time. Covve helps you manage contacts for lead generation and automation as well.

62. Sales Junction:

Sales Junction

This is where one of the best CRM software can be found. At Sales Junction, you will find a number of tools to organize your information and give support to your team even as campaigns take place across multiple channels.

63. Item8:


This is a platform where you can find many tools and techniques for collaborating with your team so that you are able to deliver on all fronts from email marketing to lead generation and even lead scoring as well as conversions.

64. Raynet:


At Raynet, you will find a number of tools to create and build some long lasting relationships with your customers so that there is always a buy in from the consumer side for re sells, up sells and cross sells as well.

65. 1CRM:


The simple name depicts the simple ways and means with which this platform will help you boost sales. You can simply organize all the tasks with the relevant information here for your team to perform in a far better manner.

66. Team Leader:

Team leader

Take charge of your team with this platform where you can make the CRM software work for you by coordinating your team in a far better way. You can use Team Leader to ensure that your sales pipeline is filled with lead generation tools.

67. Kapture:


This is a good platform that would help you organize your team in an effortless manner thanks to the tools that can be used at every step of the sales pipeline and to organize each sales pipeline like a project with a prospect as well.

68. Jarvis:


With Jarvis, you would get a suite of features to help you organize your various operations within marketing and sales as well. You would do well to trust this platform with your lead generation and conversion needs with lead scoring at the very core.

69. GetResponse:

Get Response

GetResponse is known as a good platform that offers you a number of life cycle management needs within the sales and marketing automation pipelines. The platform also offers client support and project management for independent contracts and proposals.

70. Nimble:


If you are looking to build profitable sales for your company, you can turn to a platform like this one which is a good CRM software for small business This would also help you with lead scoring and qualification of prospects.

71. In Touch CRM:


If you are looking for one of the top CRM softwares, you would need to turn to a platform like In Touch where you would get complete automation for your sales and marketing teams as well as their individual functions.

72. Office Clip Contact Management:

Office Clip

With this platform, you will not only be able to manage your contacts, but you will also be able to funnel these contacts into the various prospective segments where they can fit into, for timely conversions to happen.

73. Edge CRM:

Edge CRM

With Edge, you will truly get an edge over the competition in your segment. For your positioning needs, you will have automation tools that can help you get to the top much faster than others in your segment as well.

74. Client Book CRM:

Client Book

Since this is one of the best CRM softwares out there, you would be able to centre all your operations like marketing and sales around the conversion rate that you want to chase; with a preemptive dashboard and other features.

75. Teamgate:


This is a well known platform that provides a number of intuitive and automation tools for you to create data driven campaigns and imbibe the same into your operations like sales and marketing as well.

76. Bigin by Zoho:


This CRM software is a part of the Zoho CRM suite and it starts at a super affordable price point of $7. You can get all your automation and other needs met here with all the integration for many kinds of operations to run seamlessly towards conversions.

77. Pipedrive:


With this platform, you would be able to get complete automation so that you can bring in your teams for effortless coordination and collaboration. You can also find various features for lead generation and lead scoring right here.

78. 1Channel:


When you buy into this system, you would also get some great insights and analytics so that you would be able to track your performance and take any preemptive or corrective measures to stay in track towards your targets.

79. 20 Miles:


This is also a platform where you can get a number of automation tools that would take your business further by many miles of efficiency and better budgeting as well as complete coordination within your team.

80. CAS Genesis World:


With CAS Genesis World, you will be able to get some power packed solutions for your business needs. This way, you can convert your prospects with much ease, all thanks to the engaging features and data driven operations as well.

81. EPESI:


This is another platform where you can set the process of your sales pipeline and your marketing funnel in an efficient manner so that you can leverage maximum conversions from the same.

82. Cliengo:


How do you turn your website visitors into your loyal and long time customers? That is what you would get when you sign up for a CRM software like Cliengo, which offers you so many automation tools for data driven operations.

83. Lime:


This catchy sounding CRM platform delivers quite a punch when it comes to building teams that truly deliver the goods in terms of conversions. You can get seamless lead generation and lead scoring with this platform as well.

84. Gold Vision:

Gold vision

As one of the best CRM softwares, you can be sure that Gold Vision will understand your exact business processes so that the system can be adapted to fit the same, for a better conversion rate.

85. Mag Hub:

Mag Hub

This is another top CRM software that can be used for a number of needs when it comes to building a presence across multiple channels. This would increase your reach and make your presence a more engaging and data driven one as well.

86. Orgzit:


This is a good CRM software for small business. You can easily fit in all your operations thanks to the flexible options for managing excel sheets and other tools for your sales, marketing and even financial needs.

87. Sellsy:


Thanks to integrations that are offered on this platform, you can be sure that you would not need any other platform or software in order to create an impression while you engage with your customer and seek to make a conversion as well.

88. 8AM:


You will not only get all the customer relationship management support here, but you would also get a calendar and contact management so that you can maintain information pertaining to contacts and schedules as well.

89. Blue Camroo:

Blue Camroo

When it comes to scheduling and then creating new milestones and goals which you can automate into the sales pipeline, this would be a good platform to turn to. This would also help in increasing your conversion rate.

90. CloudCC:


This cloud based process or platform covers a number of business apps that can solve many of your operations related problems from the sales and marketing side of things. This would create more lead generation avenues as well.

91. Deepser:


This IT service management software is perfect for all those proposals that need to be handled in the technology space. You can maintain the information and data pertaining to most of your prospects and customer here too.

92. PipelineDeals:

Pipeline Deals

This is another platform that would help you attain your business goals by streamlining the business processes as well. You can get the sales and marketing operations coordinated along with the individual teams. It is the first sales productivity platform to combine sales engagement and CRM in one platform.

93. High Level:

High level

Like its name, this platform is also a high level one that comes with a preemptive dashboard and many intuitive tools that make the automation side very effortless indeed. This makes the sales and marketing operations far more efficient indeed.

94. inBold Solutions:


If you are looking for business solutions across a number of channels, then you can easily turn to this platform. inBold comes with a number of tools that can automate your processes and help in lead generation as well.

95. Octopus Pro:


Like an Octopus, this platform can also multitask and find you a number of solutions that would spread over multiple channels where you prospects and perfect audience would be lurking, so that you can make easy conversions.

96. Mantle:


This platform allows you to customize your back end framework so that you are able to find solutions and tools for all your operations including marketing and sales as well. This platform would help you reach out to the right audience and engage with them as well.

97. Zigi Hub:


With this platform, you would be able to bring in event based marketing which is the new age way of going about things, especially considering how many portals and platforms are having webinars to drive conversions through such kind of engagement.

98. Ambine:


This is a relatively new platform that can help you optimize your presence online with the automation that each and every individual function really needs in your business arsenal. This also improves advertising workflows, amongst others as well.

99. Bluetrait:

Blue trait

With Bluetrait, you can be sure that you would get the absolute best in terms of automation, organization, coordination, contact management, lead generation as well as efficiency in terms of conversions as well.

100. Coretal:


This platform would allow you to indulge in your core skills while the platform itself uses its tools to take care of your other needs that can be automated. This pertains to functions within your main operations including marketing and sales, like email marketing.

Choosing the Right Platform for Your Business

As we can see, there are many CRM software options that one can choose from. It would be important to choose the top CRM software, but at the same time, you should also be mindful of a number of things such as the following:

  • Budget: This is a major consideration, especially if you are looking for CRM software for small business since you would have limited resources that you would need to optimize in an efficient manner as well.
  • Automation: The level of automation and the processes that the platform offers would have to fit in with your exact needs as a business and within a certain niche. You can choose a niche based best CRM software that would understand your needs and customize your solutions. For example, you can opt for a real estate CRM if you are in that space.
  • Scale of Business: When you choose a CRM platform, you should also ensure that you match it with the scale of your business. This is not the same as the budget since a company or a platform that deals with small businesses would be more open to solutions that are geared for growth, while others would aim at sustainability and take it that you already have a database in place.
  • You Teams: Finally, you should also ensure that your teams should be taken into consideration when you choose the platform since the operations would dictate the automation needs and the framework for your business.


Finally, one should bring in a system like this when there is clarity about the growth aspects and the targets that one has set for the business. Yet, one thing to remember is that the data driven operations can also throw up opportunities to diversify and find a new segment for your products and services. Most of these platforms also have a strong system of insights and analytics that should be routinely sued in order to track one’s performance so that there is no deviation and so that no opportunity like the one we just discussed, should not be missed. When you sign up for a system like this, you are also geared for better business decisions and an organized way of reaching a good conversion rate.