Research Proposal

Composing a research paper might be an easy task for many of us but the tricky part starts when you have to write a proposal to conduct your research. And that is what you call a research proposal to follow while conducting research. As the term shows that it is kind of a proposal that is used to convince the committee to let you work on your project. You can check out some well-written research proposals on the internet and you can even go through the work of Assignment Master yourself.

You may find it complex due to the protocol that needs to be followed but more than that, you have to set the protocol yourself. This is an overview brief of the project that you are going to construct and you can do it only if your proposal gets approval. The main reason for writing a protocol is to let them know why your research is important and how is it going to contribute to the betterment of society on whole another level.

What Are You About To Read?

In the following article, we will be telling you all the dos and don’ts so that you can write a fine piece of the proposal for your upcoming study or project. However, you are free to take assistance from Research Proposal Writing Services if you are not sure about how you are going to do it professionally. But it’s better not to depend on anyone and keep your security measures up to date. A good research paper depends on a good proposal and a good proposal depends on how smartly you propose the idea because it is the backbone of your research. We will so, have a look at these incredible tips and tricks and you are going to make a great impression.

Summarize Your Project 

Let’s start with a little summary of your project. Strictly follow the guideline and do not stretch this section for more than 300 words. Your font size should be 12pt and single page. Try to summarize the basic and central elements of your project in this part along with method, objective, time duration, outcome, and everything but precisely.

General Information 

Moving on to the general information about your project which includes the title, title number, information of sponsors who are funding you to work on it. Name, contact, and address of the researcher, investigator. In case there are more than one, address, contact, and responsibilities of each member of the research team.

Background Information 

In this section, you are going to mention why you exactly want to conduct this research and if it’s needed then provide the valid reasoning of your project. You might need a well-written and documented statement to state all the reasons why it should be given a chance. Shed some light on the cause, problem, and possible solution with the help of your current knowledge about the subject.

Now, this might take some time but since you are working on your project, you’ll have enough of a grasp on the subject. And this is nothing in front of a whole document about the cause you will research later on.

Your Goals And Objectives For The Project 

As the name shows, the only thing that matters is your objectives about it and what are your expectations with this project. This has to be complex-free and as serene as possible. You need to mention the primary and secondary objectives of your project under this section.


Keep in mind that methodology is the essence of your research protocol. It should consist of all the intercessions that can be made, procedures you are about to use, what, measurements should be taken, observations to be made, laboratory investigations to be done (if it’s a medical research), etc. Try to make a different proposal that specified standard protocol. Define your method of study and research clearly because each point you are stating is either letting you get closer to the approval or disapproval.

This section needs to be a little detailed depending on your subject. For instance, if you are conducting research for medical purposes then you better provide laboratories information, on what procedures are going to be included in your research. And if it’s related to social sciences then what sort of surveys you will be conducting, if there would be a focus group discussion or not, etc.

Apart from that, you have to provide standardized documents of procedures and techniques you will use during all this time. Each instrument that is going to be used during your research so that you can collect information should also be provided.

Safety Measures 

The safety of each participant of the research team should be a top-most priority and it is. You need to ensure the safety of participants and also the information that has been provided by and about them. This includes recording and recording negative events.

Statistical Analysis 

Tell the committee how you would manage all the data and what is the actual method or idea you have in your mind to secure. It includes monitoring, verification, computer analysis, and data handling, and. What statistical methods do you have to use to analyze the data?

Quality Assurance 

Then we have quality assurance which is as important as analyzing and securing data. In this section you will be mentioning everything about quality control and what systems are you using to look after the quality of your project and the guidelines you are most likely to follow to complete your research. Quality is the basic thing in every area, if your work has no quality or you don’t know how you’ll deal with a quality crisis then this lack of knowledge might cost you a lot.

What Are The Outcomes of Your Study?

Now, this is the main part of your protocol. You can talk about the outcomes of your study all you want in this section. Because unless you have an actual purpose that has a great outcome for you and the society as well, it is not going to approve. State why and how your study is going to contribute to any field of study or advanced knowledge.

How Long Would it Take?

Another thing you need to mention in your proposal is how long your research would take to be done. The timeline should follow the rule of each activity month by month.

Project Management 

Here you are going to describe the role of each of your research proposal writing team members, some general information and how are they supposed to contribute to this project.

Ethical Value 

If your study is by any chance related to ethical considerations then you need to state that too. Talk about things that are most likely to concern related to ethics don’t be just an information provider.

ICF (Informed Consent Forms)

An Informed Consent form should be attached to your proposal. This is an approved version of the proposal and this has to be in English and your local language. If the research is going to be conducted by more than one group then each team needs an informed consent form separately.


Other things like collaborations, budget, funding project links, CV of team members, and finance/insurance comes under the second part of the protocol. And that is a quite precise part of the proposal as compared to the above-mentioned part. But that does not mean, you don’t need to pay attention to that. You have to be attentive while writing a research proposal because it can make or break your dream of conducting research all by yourself. And that is all for the article. We hope that your take help from them and wish you all the very best for your next project!